Developing Public Safety Standards and Curricula for Georgia High Schools

Sue Carter Collins, Georgia State University
Sarah Eschholz, Georgia State University
Marwin Britto, Central Washington University

With an increasing demqand for workers in the public safety arena, including law enforcement officers, private security officers, fire persons, and emergency medical personnel, several states have begun initiatives to develop public safety standards and curricula in their high schools. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods this paper will explore the process for developing such a curricula in the state of Georgia. Particular attention will focus on the use of focus groups to elicit information from key stakeholders including: high school, public safety educators, industry representatives from law enforcement, fire rescue and EMS agencies, and state Department of Education representatives. Additionally, we will present findings from a web-based evaluation of the actual standards and curricula, as well as a process evaluation.

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Updated 05/20/2006