Does the Experiential Effect Operate Differently Across Gender?

Stephanie Carmichael, University of Florida
Lynn Langton, University of Florida
Gretchen Luecking, University of Florida
John D. Reitzel, University of Florida
Alex R. Piquero, University of Florida

Deterrence research shows that successful criminal episodes tend to erode the effect of sanction risks. In particular, experience with offending--especially offending without punishment--is believed to cause individuals to lower their unrealistically high expectations of sanction risks. This experiential effect is believed to account for the negative association between contemporaneous measures of risk perceptions and behavior. One un-answered question is the extent to which the experiential effect operates differently across gender. We employ self-reported survey information on over 2,000 high school sophomores to examine whether the experiential effect varies across gender.

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Updated 05/20/2006