Moving Evidence-Based Family Treatments Programs Into Community Settings: Principles and Protocols of a Successful Dissemination Project

Thomas L. Sexton, Center for Adolescent & Family Studies

Given the wide spread adoption of evidencer-based family treatments in community settings it is critical to understand the necessary mechanisms that lead to successful community dissemination. Understanding these mechanisms will help ensure that local communities can successfully adopt successful family-based treatments into everyday clinic practice so that communities and families benefit from the many efficacious treatment programs currently available. This presentation will identify the critical elements identified in multiyear, national dissemination effort of Functional Family Therapy. The project involves over 100 dissemination sites in diverse organizational settings, at different levels (local and state), with culturally diverse therapists and clients, in a variety of settings (rural and urban).

Lessons from this project suggest that successful community dissemination of evidence-based programs is complex and requires multidimensional approach based on well-articulated principles and specific protocols to guide the dissemination process. Principles of successful national dissemination involve a primary focus on:

a) treatment fidelity; b) local sustainability, and c) community/implementer partnerships

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Updated 05/20/2006