The Blueprints for Violence Prevention Program

Delbert S. Elliott, University of Colorado at Boulder

The Blueprints for Violence Prevention Program has identified 11 prevention and intervention programs that meet a high scientific standards of program effectiveness -- demonstrated effectiveness using experimental designs, replication on multiple sites and sustainability of effects for at least one year post treatment/intervention. Over the past three years, Blueprint Programs have been implemented on approximately 150 sites in a large-scale national prevention initiative, providing training, technical assistance and an independent monitoring of implementation fidelity. The study objective is to build a body of knowledge about how to successfuloly implement model programs with fidelity, to document problems encountered, and to establish which attempted solutions did or did not work and why. The results of this study will be discussed, with particular attention to the fidelity -- local adaptation controversy, the levels of fidelity achieved, and the identification of those factors that enhance or impede the fidelity and sustainability of model program implementation. This work is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge (research) and practice and inform the users of programs about what is required to achieve maximum program success.

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Updated 05/20/2006