Training for Collaboration: Training Instruments and Methods

Kelly K. Browning, Browning Consulting

Because human performance, especialy organizational performance is a decision-making process, people can significantly improve the quality of their performance by skillfully using sound methods of collaborative decision-making. Choosing By Advantages (CBA) is a set of concepts and methods designed to make collaborative decision-making more effective for organizations, communities, and individuals. This collaborative method is applicable to business, social services, public policy, research and development, as well as daily life.

Choosing By Advantages helps organizations make sound decisions by providing the opportunity to focus on the problem and not on each other's positions. It offers a way of creating and displaying solution alternatives, deciding on the best alternative to implement based on relevant facts, and arriving at the chosen solution in a collaborative and effective way.

The CBA process begins at the moment when a decision is needed -- before alternatives are formulated -- and it doesn't end until the decision has been implemented and evaluated.

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Updated 05/20/2006