What is a Good Collaboration? What is a Good Collaborator?

Bonnie K. Cady, Colorado Division of Youth Corrections
Joanne Belknap, University of Colorado at Boulder
Laura Shipman-Hamblin, Project G.O.A.L.

This presentation is the result of a study employing focus groups across five regions of Colorado, in order to assess the needs of both committed delinquent girls and those at risk of becoming delinquents. Professional focus groups were conducted with one group of committed delinquent girls, one group of pre-adjudicated girls (girls currently on the trajectory to becoming committed delinquents but not officially judged as delinquents), and one group of professionals who work with girls, in each of the five regions of Colorado. The purpose of our presentation is to help others learn what we learned in the process of our collaboration. Numerous juvenile justice system workers and a researcher met monthly to design and implement this study on delinquent girls in Colorado. Once the data were collected, we met to discuss the findings in order for the researcher to better understand the findings and to write them up in a manner that was easier for the general public to understand (including politicians). This was a powerful learning process with many lessons learned on what worked and dint't work.

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Updated 05/20/2006