Specialized Batterer Counseling for African-American Men: Six-Month Outcomes of a Clinical Trial

Edward W. Gondolf, Mid - Atlantic Addiction Training Inst.

Despite the many recommendations for specialized counseling with African-American men arrested for domestic violence, no research yet documents its effectiveness in improving program outcomes. Our experimental clinical trial (still in progress) compares the outcomes of three counseling options: culturally-focused counseling in all-African-American groups, conventional counseling in all-African-American groups, and conventional counseling in racially-mixed groups. Four-hundred men have thus far been randomly assigned to the options at program intake for batterer counseling. The partners of four-hundred men were interviewed at three and six months after program intake with a response rate of over 65%. The women's cumulative reports of re-assaults and abuse, defined by the Conflict Tactics Scale, and ratings of their quality of life are compared across the three groups. These six-month outcomes are also controlled for program attendance and for cultural identification. Our previous analyses showed a significantly higher program completion for the African-American men in the cultural-focused counseling, especially if they scored high in cultural identification.

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Updated 05/20/2006