Prop 36 and Criminal Justice: Impact and Response

Andy Klein, BOTEC Analysis Corporation
Douglas Wilson, BOTEC Analysis Corporation
Mark A.R. Kleiman, University of California, Los Angeles
Douglas Longshore, University of California, Los Angeles

This paper will report findings from a two-part analysis of arrest and charging practices before and after passage of Prop 36. First is a quantitative analysis of 1991-2001 trends in statewide and county-specific arrest rates for drug possession and being under the influence of drugs. Adults convicted of those offenses are eligible for Prop 36. Second is an analysis of qualitative data collected from law enforcement, prosecutors, public defenders, and other criminal justice sources in selected California counties. The data pertain to charging practices as well as arrest practices. The two sources of data will be combined to investigate the possibility that Prop 36 has influenced arrest or charing practices throughout the state or in some counties.

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Updated 05/20/2006