The Taiwan Criminological Research Forum

Lan-Ying Huang, University of Manchester

Purpose: There is a threefold purpose for the roundtable:

a) To provide an opportunity for discussion on the state of criminological research in Taiwan b) To identify the strengths and limitations of current research on crime and criminal justice in Taiwan c) To facilitate international collaboration on projects of mutual interest that include the Taiwan case.

Background: At this year's ASC meeting there are a number of participants from Taiwan and several panels which are reporting current research projects on crime, criminal justice and policing (e.g. Aspects of crime and policing in Taiwan, The principles of punishment in practice, and International issues in juvenile delinquency). There now exists in Taiwan a growing infrastructure for the pursuit of criminological research and its relationship with practitioners -- new criminology graduate schools, the founding of journals and conferences, a newly established government crime prevention centre, and new research centres in universities. However researchers in this area face some general and specific difficulties: in terms of achieving appropriate recognition of the discipline, enhancing data availability (a limited national archive), obtaining access, getting funding for long-term projects and developing the relationship between research and policy/practice. Interestingly, Taiwan has had a long history in her modernisation process of being the recipient of U.S. theory and policy in criminology and criminal justice. Indeed, both the country's national political context and the wider international context have acted to enhance the forces for 'policy learning' voluntarily or obligated. The interaction with the wider criminological communities worldwide has increased in the last few decades along with more and more criminology graduates trained in the USA and their active involvement in international conferences and organisations (e.g. the Campbell Crime and Criminal Justice Group Collaboration). The annual meeting at Denver presents an ideal opportunity for convening a roundtable forum where these and other matters can be discussed, hopefully with as wide a contribution as possible from criminologists from the outside of Taiwan. From this discussion forum it is intended to establish a network of interested collaborators.

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Updated 05/20/2006