The Control Model in a Mega Prison: Governing Prisons in Taiwan

Hua-Fu Hsu, National Chung Cheng University

Imprisonment in Taiwan is conducted by a system of mega-prisons in which many offenders are incarcerated. By exmaining the nature of the regime and authority structures, based on empirical research to investigate one Taiwanese institution--Tainan Prison, aims to explore how a large prison population is managed without causing disturbances or riots. Tainan prison holds over three thousand inmates. This study explores how the American experience of control model management is successfully utilized in one Taiwanese prison. More importantly, it shows how the influential American penal policies and ideas are further being exercised in the prison system and management in Taiwan. It shows the fact that techniques borrowed from the West appear to work far better in Taiwan than in the U.S. In addition, it is more irony that Tainan Prison appears to exemplify Foucault's picture of modern management of bodies more than Western facilties do.

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Updated 05/20/2006