Working to Insure and Nurture Girls' Success: Final Evaluation Results

Sandy Keaton, San Diego Association of Governments
Cynthia Burke, San Diego Association of Governments

Historically, the justice stystem has been geared toward males who comprise the majority of the youth referred to Probation and few services provide gender-responsive programs that address the unique needs of girls. When the State of California requested proposals to target at-risk juveniles through the Challenge Grant II Program, the San Diego Probation Department southt and received $5 million to create the WINGS program (Working to Insure and Nuture Girls' Success). The goal of the program was to reduce the number of females entering or continuing in the juvenile justice system by supporting and empowering girls and their families to access and receive community resources in a timely fashion. The results of the recently completed impact evaluation, which involved random assignment to WINGS or to a control group that received standard probation services, will be presented in this session. Outcome measures that will be presented will include change in risk and protective factors over time, as well as recidivism up to 18 months after program enrollment.

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Updated 05/20/2006