Targeting Literacy: Addressing the Educational Needs of Adjudicated Youth

Cynthia Burke, San Diego Association of Governments
Lisbeth Howard, San Diego Association of Governments
Sandy Keaton, San Diego Association of Governments

In 2002, the San Diego Juvenile Court, San Diego County Office of Education, the District Attorney's Office, and the San Diego County Probation Department formed a coalition to address the local literacy crisis among male youth incarcerated in Program Department rehabilitation facilities. Research indicates that early development of language processing skills is critical for academic success and test scores in 2000 show that on average,male wards who enter the system are reading 3.8 years below their chronological grade level. An outcome evaluation of the project is currently in process that involves the comparison of juveniles randomized toeither receive the literacy training or to be a member of the comparison group. Preliminary results from this research project, including test-score changes and recidivism data will be presented as part of this session.

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Updated 05/20/2006