Making Meaningful Correctional Training to Prevent Staff Sexual Misconduct: The Gender Component

Christine E. Rasche, University of North Florida

Providing meaningful training to combat staff sexual misconduct requires helping staff to understand the gender dynamics involved. Such understanding requires the kind of training often conceptualized as "gender sensitization" and therefore is frequently thought of by correctional staff as unrelated to "real" correctional training because it does not seem to have any immediate and direct application to the management of female offenders.

Administrators and training staff often question its inclusion in a training curriculum (and are often unfamiliar with the material and therefore uncomfortable teaching it), and staff sometimes initially resist the training--thought not always. However, without a firm grounding in basic gender dynamics, staff are left with essentially admonitions and threats against staff sexual misconduct, not insights on how their previous life experiences might be turned against them or their best instics to help might backfire.

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Updated 05/20/2006