John Augustus Meets La Cosa Nostra: Community Corrections Supervision in Organized Crime

Mark Jones, East Carolina University

Much organized crime research focuses on law enforcement and the courts. To date, little or no research has examined the role of community corrections in dealing with organized crime. The United States Probation Office in the Eastern District of New York has a 6-8-officer task force called the Special Offender Unit (SOU), which specializes in supervising members of criminal organizations. These organizations include the five traditional LCN families, plus Russian, Asian, Outlaw Biker, and Hispanic organized crime groups. Most of the offenders under supervision by the SOU are former prison inmates under parole or post-release supervision. Based on interviews with officers and official USPO records, this paper examines strategies employed by the SOU in supervising the organized crime offender.

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Updated 05/20/2006