"Atanarjuat The Fast Runner" and Community Justice

Josephine Savarese, University of Regina

This paper will focus on the firlm Atanarjuat-The Fast Runner and the community justice themes within it. Atanarjuat tells the story of two brothers whose lives have been shaped by family rivalries and the presence of an evil shaman. Ultimately, one brother is killed and another barely escapes death when the brothers are ambused while sleeping. In the movie, Atanarjuat is presented with an opportunity for venegeance which he refuses. The gift of Atanarjuat is that it takes the viewer back to pre-prison society and illustrates the realization of justice, without the backdrop of the penitentiary shaping choices and community outcomes. In breathtaking footage, Atanarjuat effectively demonstrates how individuals and communities can realize fairness by choosing foregiveness over vengeance.

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Updated 05/20/2006