Global Paradigm Shifts: Implications for a Shift in Justice to a Restorative Justice Paradigm

Diane Schaefer, Eastern Illinois University

Recent paradigm shifts in the power structures of Venezuela and Rwanda provide real-world examples of how such shifts can occur in the current global climate. populist presidency in Venezuela that is, so far, standing up for a more equitable distribution of power against U.S. dislike and against internal, upper-class strikes and demonstrations provides one example of a political paradigm shift that promotes justice. In Rwanda, a devastating genocide resulted in a political blow to patriarchy. Since women how outnumber men, women's grassroots movements are invigorating democracy. Again, a paradign shift opens doors to justice when a former power structure collapses. Both examples indicate, however, that restorative justice itself cannot affect a paradign shift IN THE CURRENT GLOBAL CLIMATE but stands ready as a well-articulated and viable alternative to justice ONCE there IS a shift in power.

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Updated 05/20/2006