The New World Empire as State-Corporate Crime

Raymond J. Michalowski, Northern Arizona University

In the 1970s corporate America began purusing the construction of a new worle empire based on the a two-pronged strategy: the outsourcing of corporate operations and the exportation/imposition of neo-liberal ideology and practices. This agenda received a significant boost with the weakening and eventual fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent emergence of the United States and its corporate structure as the world hegemon. This paper argues that the emergence of the new world empire is a joint state-corporate project that has produced a wide variety of crimes, violations of international accords, and analogous social injuries. We demonstrate the importance of applying the tools of corporate crime analysis, and particularly conceptual framework of state-corporate crime as a means of understanding and potentially challenging the rise of a new world empire destined to expand the overconsumption of the developed world at the expense of the vast majority of the human population.

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Updated 05/20/2006