Policing Police Corruption in Nigeria: Enforcement Strategies

O. Oko Elechi, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Corruption pervades the entire Nigerian criminal justice system. The Police are singled out for examination because of its central position in social control. Police function is very important in a democratic society because they are the "gatekeepers" of the criminal justice system and the most visible aspect of government. Corruption within the police therefore reflects negatively on the government and undermines government legitimacy. While all successive government of Nigera, both civilian and military have identified corruption as the greatest single bane of Nigerian society; no serious attempts have been made by government to address the problem. However, attempts made by the government and police authorities to check corruption within the police have been sporadic. This study therefore examines corruption within the Nigerian Police and the enforcement strategies put in place so far to check it.

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Updated 05/20/2006