AUTHOR MEETS HIS CRITICS: Can Gun Control Work? (Oxford University Press, 2002)

James B. Jacobs, New York University

Unlike too many sessions int he ASC, this session involves scholars from both sides of the debate about guns, and should therefore be a lively exchange of views on a hardy perennial in criminology.

Jim Jacobs approaches the topic of gun control as a problem in regulation rather than as a moral or constitutional issue. In his book, he examines the existing gun control laws in the United States, including the Brady law, as well as several proposed gun laws, e.g., closing the gun show loophole, regulating the secondary market, handgun licensing, and gun-free zones. He takes a non-ideological approach to evaluating the prospects of each law or proposed law. He has been criticized from both the 'pro-gun' side and the 'anti-gun' side of the debate.

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Updated 05/20/2006