The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:00AM on Saturday

Saturday at 9:00AM
Session Title Session ID
ASC Business Meeting (Meeting) Session 528: MT33
Northeastern University Interviewing (Meeting) Session 529: MT34
California's Proposition 36: Studies of Implementation and Outcome Session 530: RS319
Corrections in 2002 Session 531: RS320
Drug Court: Process, Motivation, Employment, and Outcomes Session 532: RS321
Students Reinventing Justice: Perspectives on Theories, Innovations and Research Session 533: RS322
Community Justice Initiatives: Understanding the Roles of Agencies, Organizations, and the Community Within Partnerships Session 534: RS323
Theoretical Issues in the Study of Homicide: Cross Cultural Perspectives Session 535: RS324
What Matters: Critiques of the What Works Project in Probation in England and Wales Session 536: RS325
Evaluation of Victim Services Programs Session 537: RS326
Social Control Theory and Violence Session 538: RS327
Controls on Gun Crime Session 539: RS328
General Strain Theory and Crime Session 540: RS329
Gender and Race in Explaining Crime Session 541: RS330
Domestic Violence, Drugs, and Prediction Session 542: RS331
Money Laundering Session 543: RS332
Judicial Processes Session 544: RS333
Measuring and Explaining Sentencing Disparity Session 545: RS334
Women as Crime Victims Session 546: RS335
Critical Issues in Policing Session 547: RS336
Correctional Expenditures and Education Session 548: RS337
Classification of Sex Offenders Session 549: RS338
Teen Violence and Victimization Session 550: RS339
Women and Homicide: Issues and Concerns Session 551: RS340
Crime and Regulation Session 552: RS341
The Judicial Process: Influences and Narratives Session 553: RS342
What the New Uniform Crime Reports (NIBRS) Tell Us About Aggravated Assault, Family Violence, and the Impact of Family Disruption and Unemployment on Urban Crime Rates Session 554: RS343
Exploring New Directions in the Criminal Justice System Session 555: RS344
Community Policing and Crime Patterns Session 556: RS345

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