The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:00PM on Friday

Friday at 2:00PM
Session Title Session ID
Division on People of Color and Crime Business Meeting #2 (Meeting) Session 460: MT27
Distinguishing Violent Offenders Session 461: RS277
Preliminary Findings From the Safe Schools/Healthy Students National Evaluation Session 462: RS278
Issues of Policy and Practice in Intensive Juvenile Aftercare: Special Populations, Persisting Problems, and Program Interventions Session 463: RS279
Sentencing, Profiling, and Counsel: Looking at Criminal Justice Policies and Practices Session 464: RS280
Examining Some Experiences of Black and Hispanic People With the Justice Systems and Beyond Session 465: RS281
Girls and Women Under Lock and Key as Inmates and Officers (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 466: RS282
The National Institute of Justice WEB Du Bois Fellowship Program Session 467: RS283
Police Roles and Influence Session 468: RS284
Juvenile Courts Session 469: RS285
Women and Their Children as Victims and Criminals Session 470: RS286
Women and War and Rape Session 471: RS287
Sex Offenders, Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Session 472: RS288
Intermediate Sanctions and the Diversion of Youthful Offenders Session 473: RS289
Media Representations of Crime and Justice Session 474: RS290
Program Impact: Reviews and Methods Session 475: RS291
Program and Risk Assessment Session 476: RS292
Evaluating Program and Treatment Effectiveness Session 477: RS293
Crime and Prediction Session 478: RS294
Delinquency and Motivation: Explanations Session 479: RS295
Police, Courts and Prisons: Issues and Controversies Session 480: RS296
Sentence Disparity and Guideline Challenges Session 481: RS297
Graduate Student Round Table II: Research Issues in Racial Profiling Session 482: RS298
Putting a Face on Death I: Feminist and Critical Examinations of Capital Punishment (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 483: PP112
Crime and Space: Social and Geographic Session 484: PP113
Violence and Gangs in Chicago in Comparative Perspective (Sponsored by the Division on International Criminology) Session 485: PP114
The Impact of Technology on Crime and Justice Session 486: PP115
Punishing Juveniles Session 487: PP116
Mapping Crime Session 488: PP117
Drugs, Gambling, Corruption and Organized Crime Session 489: PP118
Fear of Crime, Victimization, and Police Session 490: PP119

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