The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 11:00AM on Thursday

Thursday at 11:00AM
Session Title Session ID
Philippe Zoumeroff Grant/French Society of Criminology (Meeting) Session 235: MT12
Crime and Drugs: Heroin Prescription as an Alternative Session 236: RS155
Social Structure, Social Control and Violent Crime Session 237: RS156
ACE: Deflecting Child Delinquents Under 10 From the Path to Prison Session 238: RS157
Women, Violence, and the Media Session 239: RS158
Childhood Victimization and Adolescent Outcomes: Analyses From the Lehigh Longitudinal Study Session 240: RS159
Deadly Matters and the Judicial System: Settings and Perspecitves Session 241: RS160
Consequences of September 11th Session 242: RS161
Nursing Practice and Research: The Connections Between Health Issues and Criminal Justice Issues Session 243: RS162
Eyes Wide Open: The Intersection of Technology Crimes and Cyberspace Session 244: RS163
Academy of Experimental Criminology Meeting Session 245: RS164
Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Projects in Michigan Session 246: RS165
Intimate Partner Violence and the Criminal Processing System (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 247: RS166
Hate Crime: Law and Theory Session 248: RS167
Crimes, Neighborhoods and Informal Control Session 249: RS168
Profiling and Designing of Crime Session 250: RS169
Deliquency Development and Specialization: Looking at Gender and Age Session 251: RS170
Race, Ethnic Culture and Crime Session 252: RS171
Theories of Juvenile Crime Session 253: RS172
Family and Parenting: The Effect on Crime Session 254: RS173
Decisions and Programs: From Arrest to Incarceration Session 255: RS174
Spatial and Temporal Variations in Crime Session 256: RS175
Returning Home: Preliminary Findings From the Maryland Pilot Session 257: PP53
Feminist Perspectives on Restorative Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 258: PP54
Assessing Early Interventions With Juvenile Offenders Session 259: PP55
Gender Appropriateness in Legal Control Session 260: PP56
Drug Courts Session 261: PP57
Religion and Crime Session 262: PP58
Discretion in Arrest and Parole Session 263: PP59
Restorative and Community Justice Session 264: PP60
Innovative Uses of Experimental Methods: Three Examples From the Field Session 265: PP61
Roundtable: Human Smuggling--Past and Present Session 266: TC18
Roundtable: Establishing Mentoring Relationships: Female Academics Strengthening Our Futures (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 267: TC19
Roundtable: Gender and Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 268: TC20
Roundtable: Educating Police About Diversity Session 269: TC21
Roundtable: Punishment and Mass Incarceration: A Roundtable Discussion on Crime, Policy and Politics Session 270: TC22
Roundtable: Teaching and Studying in a HBC Session 271: TC23
Roundtable: Reconstructing Justice in a Postcolony: A Round Table Engagement With Issues Session 272: TC24
Roundtable: "Zero Tolerance" Policing: Do the Benefits of Reduced Crime Outweigh the Strain on Police-Community Relations? Session 273: TC25
Roundtable: Genetic Influences Session 274: TC26

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