The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:30AM on Thursday

Thursday at 9:30AM
Session Title Session ID
New Findings From the National Juvenile Justice Data Analysis Project #2 Session 197: RS135
The Controversy Over Historian Michael Bellesiles', Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture (2000) Session 198: RS136
Predictors of Lethal Violence Against Intimate Partners Session 199: RS137
Occupational Cultures in Criminal Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 200: RS138
Restorative Justice Processes: What's Going On? Session 201: RS139
Innovations in Criminal Justice Research A Collaborative Panel by the Graduate Center/City University of New York Doctoral Students in Criminal Justice Session 202: RS140
Effects of Neighborhood, Segregation, Disadvantage, and Unemployment on Criminal Justice Experiences and Crime Rates (Sponsored by the Division on People of Color and Crime) Session 203: RS141
Rarely Examined Aspects of Intimate Partner Violence (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 204: RS142
Upper Level Drug Dealing Networks in the UK Session 205: RS143
The Death Penalty, Juries and the Public Session 206: RS144
Understanding Neighborhood Crime Rates Session 207: RS145
Measuring Drug Use Among Offenders Session 208: RS146
Community Policing and Crime Prevention Session 209: RS147
Patterns Of Illicit Drug Use Session 210: RS148
Evaluating Drug Courts Session 211: RS149
Issues in Sentencing Research Session 212: RS150
Child Welfare and Child Abuse Session 213: RS151
Prisons, Politics and Crime Session 214: RS152
Different Visions of Violence Session 215: RS153
Innovations in Gang Crime Research Session 216: RS154
The Evidence on Police Work: Fairness and Effectiveness in American Policing Session 217: PP44
Adolescent Work and Deviance Session 218: PP45
Changes in Crime Rates Session 219: PP46
Gender and Intimate Violence Session 220: PP47
Domestic Violence and Courts in Urban and Rural Communities Session 221: PP48
Research Methods and Crime Session 222: PP49
Punishing People, Places and Animals Session 223: PP50
Violence, Police and Democracy Session 224: PP51
TBA Session 225: PP52
Roundtable: Criminological Theory and Its Relationship to Criminal Justice: Practical Applications or Simply Academic Discourse? Session 226: TC10
Roundtable: Student Leadership Session 227: TC11
Roundtable: Inclusion and Shifting Paradigms: Constructing Theory Differently Session 228: TC12
Roundtable: Crime and Justice in Southern Africa Session 229: TC13
Roundtable: Internet Education in Criminal Justice Session 230: TC14
Roundtable: Terrorism in Africa and Issues on African Security Session 231: TC15
Roundtable: Street Crime and Domestic Violence Session 232: TC16
Roundtable: Teen Court: Impact on Varying Style on Attitudes to Compliance Session 233: TC17

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