The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:00AM on Thursday

Thursday at 8:00AM
Session Title Session ID
NCOVR (Meeting) Session 157: MT8
Northeastern University Interviewing (Meeting) Session 158: MT9
Reducing Firearms Violence: Comprehensive Problem Solving Programs Session 159: RS107
DWC: Bad Girls, Good Politics: Survival Strategies for the Risk Business of Academic Life (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 160: RS108
New Findings From the National Juvenile Justice Data Analysis Project #1 Session 161: RS109
Research in Corrections: Theory and Policy Session 162: RS110
Critical Perspectives on Evaluation Research Session 163: RS111
Critical Perspectives on 9-11 (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 164: RS112
Varieties of Homicide Research Session 165: RS113
Maneuvering the Intersections of Incarceration Session 166: RS114
Perspectives on Links Between Drug Abuse and Criminal Justice Session 167: RS115
Feminist/Critical Perspectives on Punishment and Treatment, III (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 168: RS116
Links Among Female Victimization, Crime, and Re-Victimization in Longitudinal Perspective Session 169: RS117
Philosophical Foundations of Crime: Explorations in Ontology, Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics Session 170: RS118
Pushing Theory Forward: Studies on Incarcerated Women (Sponsored by the Division Women and Crime) Session 171: RS119
Ideology and Criminology Session 172: RS120
Crime and Information Technology Session 173: RS121
Racial Disparity in Sentencing Session 174: RS122
Sentencing Guidelines Session 175: RS123
Transnational Illegal Markets Session 176: RS124
Incarceration of Racial Minorities Session 177: RS125
Criminal Justice Evaluations Session 178: RS126
Family Dynamics and Delinquency Session 179: RS127
Cops in Schools Session 180: RS128
Deliquency, Aggression and Self-Control Session 181: RS129
Neighborhood, Networks and Delinquency Session 182: RS130
Improving the Disclosure of Illegal Drug Use Session 183: RS131
Issues in Policing Session 184: RS132
AUTHOR-MEETS-READERS: Delinquent Networks: Youth Co-Offending in Stockholm Session 185: RS133
Alcohol, Bars, and Crime Session 186: RS134
Roundtable: Comparative Punitivity Session 187: TC1
Roundtable: Eurogang Program: Progress and Research Protocol Session 188: TC2
Roundtable: Re-Inventing Information Security and Law at the University of North Texas Session 189: TC3
Roundtable: Miami-Dade Juvenile Assessment Center, National Demonstration Project Session 190: TC4
Dynamics of Jury Decision-Making in Capital Cases: The Interviewing Experience Session 191: TC5
CONVICT CRIMINOLOGY ROUNDTABLE 1: New Voices (Sponsored by the Division of Critical Criminology) Session 192: TC6
Roundtable: Integral Theory and Criminology Session 193: TC7
Roundtable: Fulbright Fellowship as a Means of International Criminology Development A Generic Perspective Session 194: TC8
Roundtable: Understanding Punishment Over Time Session 195: TC9

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