Session 191: TC5 -> Dynamics of Jury Decision-Making in Capital Cases: The Interviewing Experience
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Thursday, November 14
Place: PDR 9
Session Chair: William J. Bowers, Northeastern University
In the first phase of the Capital Jury Project (CJP1), over 1200 jurors from 357 trials in 14 states were interviewed about making the life or death sentencing decision. Building on that work, a second phase of this project (CJP2) is now under way in eight sites, focusing in greater detail on the dynamics of jury decision-making and on the role of juror's race in that process. CJP2 examines the interplay of defendant's race, victim's race and the racial mix of jurors. After a brief overview of the progress to date on CJP2, the roundtable will draw upon the experience of both investigators and interviewers from the respective research sites. Investigators and interviewers from the various sites will discuss the data collection challenges they have experienced in the early stages of the research, including case identification and sampling, contacting jurors, and the administration of the interview instrument. This will be the occasion for learning and sharing the basic "know how" and "problem solving" that accompanies an ambitious data collection effort.
Dynanics of Jury Decision-Making in Capital Cases: The Interviewing Experience
by: Michael E. Antonio, Northeastern University (Corresponding)
Marla Sandys, Indiana University, Bloomington
Scott McClelland, Indiana University
Adam Carver, Indiana University
Kirstin Richardson, Indiana University
Margaret Vandiver, University of Memphis
Mazie S. Curley, University of ~ The Memphis
Dulcy Stout, Memphis State University
Charles S. Lanier, University at Albany
Susan D. Ehrhard, University at Albany
Kaye Callender, University at Albany
Benjamin D. Steiner, University of Delaware
Naomi Ruth Bellot, University of Delaware
Susan F. Sharp, University of Oklahoma
Nick Dean, University of Oklahoma
Betsey Kreisel, Central Missouri State University
Donald H. Wallace, Central Missouri State University
Larissa Tope, Central Missouri State University
Kristin Nesbitt, Indiana University
Melissa Ann Folger, Indiana University
Jennifer Colenese, Indiana University
Mzilikazi Ashaki Kone, Indiana University

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Updated 05/20/2006