The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Session Index for the Letter D

Session Title Session IDTime
Deadly Matters and the Judicial System: Settings and Perspecitves Session 241: RS160 Thursday at 11:00AM
Death Penalty Research Session 525: PP130 Friday at 3:30PM
The Death Penalty, Juries and the Public Session 206: RS144 Thursday at 9:30AM
Death Penalty: Public and Judicial Opinions Session 16: RS13 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Decisions and Programs: From Arrest to Incarceration Session 255: RS174 Thursday at 11:00AM
Delinquency and Motivation: Explanations Session 479: RS295 Friday at 2:00PM
Deliquency Development and Specialization: Looking at Gender and Age Session 251: RS170 Thursday at 11:00AM
Deliquency, Aggression and Self-Control Session 181: RS129 Thursday at 8:00AM
Different Visions of Violence Session 215: RS153 Thursday at 9:30AM
Discretion in Arrest and Parole Session 263: PP59 Thursday at 11:00AM
Discretion in Prosecution and Sentencing Session 148: PP37 Wednesday at 3:30PM
A Discussion of the National Research Council's Report: Informing America's Policy on Illegal Drugs Session 420: PP94 Friday at 9:30AM
Distinguishing Violent Offenders Session 461: RS277 Friday at 2:00PM
Do Moral Emotions Inhibit Risky Behavior? Session 99: RS75 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Doctoral Education and Criminology Session 43: RS40 Wednesday at 9:30AM
Doing and Understanding Gender, Violence, and Fear (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 125: RS90 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Domestic Violence and Courts in Urban and Rural Communities Session 221: PP48 Thursday at 9:30AM
Domestic Violence and Murder Session 514: RS318 Friday at 3:30PM
Domestic Violence Intervention and Batterer Recidivism (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 281: RS179 Thursday at 2:00PM
Domestic Violence Offenders Session 153: PP42 Wednesday at 3:30PM
Domestic Violence, Drugs, and Prediction Session 542: RS331 Saturday at 9:00AM
Domestic Violence: Issues and Concerns Session 106: RS82 Wednesday at 2:00PM
Don Gottfredson Remembered: A Town Meeting Session 360: RS210 Thursday at 7:00PM
Drinking and Crime Session 436: RS269 Friday at 11:00AM
Drug Court: Process, Motivation, Employment, and Outcomes Session 532: RS321 Saturday at 9:00AM
Drug Courts Session 261: PP57 Thursday at 11:00AM
Drug Enforcement: Changing Roles and Venues Session 406: RS250 Friday at 9:30AM
Drug Markets and Enforcement Session 506: RS310 Friday at 3:30PM
Drug Treatment and Corrections Session 301: PP69 Thursday at 2:00PM
Drug Treatment: Context and Impact Session 505: RS309 Friday at 3:30PM
Drug Treatment: Successes and Failures Session 26: RS23 Wednesday at 8:00AM
Drug Use and Crime Session 63: RS49 Wednesday at 11:00AM
Drug Use In The Criminal Justice System Session 382: RS227 Friday at 8:00AM
Drugs, Gambling, Corruption and Organized Crime Session 489: PP118 Friday at 2:00PM
Drugs, Guns, and Violence Among Youth: Preliminary Findings From the Cross-National Study of the Youth Drug-Violence Session 339: PP80 Thursday at 3:30PM
DWC: Bad Girls, Good Politics: Survival Strategies for the Risk Business of Academic Life (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 160: RS108 Thursday at 8:00AM
Dynamics of Jury Decision-Making in Capital Cases: The Interviewing Experience Session 191: TC5 Thursday at 8:00AM

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