Session 125: RS90 -> Doing and Understanding Gender, Violence, and Fear (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime)
Time: 3:30PM to 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 13
Place: Sandburg 6
Session Chair: [To Be Assigned]
Masculinities Without Men? On Girls, Gender, and Violence
by: James W. Messerschmidt, University of Southern Maine (Corresponding)
A Bathroom in Brooklyn and a Wood Fence in Wyoming: "Showing and Hiding" Gender in High Profile Crimes
by: Ed Gallagher, Fordham University (Corresponding)
Thinking About Gender, Vulnerability and Fear of Crime
by: Heather Schramm, University of Toronto (Corresponding)
Analyzing the Gender Gap in Fear of Crime
by: Karen A. Snedker, New York University (Corresponding)
Marjorie Zatz, Arizona State University

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Updated 05/20/2006