Session 574: RS362 -> Correctional Classification and Prison Education
Time: 10:30AM to Noon on Saturday, November 16
Place: PDR 4
Session Chair: Eric L. Jensen, University of Idaho
Adult Correctional Education Programs: A Systematic Update on Recent Studies
by: Eric L. Jensen, University of Idaho (Corresponding)
Gary E. Reed, University of Idaho
HIV/AIDS Education in Prison: A Window of Opportunity
by: Michael Chaple, N. D. R. I., Inc. (Corresponding)
Steven Belenko, Columbia University
Susan M. Crimmins, California State University/N.D.R.I.
Empirical Evaluation of Prison Classification: The Manitoba Case
by: Michael Weinrath, University of Winnipeg (Corresponding)
Ron Coles, Manitoba Corrections
Stereotypes, Class, and "Dangerousness": Latinos in Prison
by: Michael Coyle, Arizona State University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006