Session 567: RS355 -> Thinking About Murder
Time: 10:30AM to Noon on Saturday, November 16
Place: LaSalle 5
Session Chair: Mallory O'Brien, Harvard University
A Reevaluation of Homicide: Using Disaggregated Data and Spatial Analysis
by: Louis Tuthill, University of California - Riverside (Corresponding)
Variation in Definition of Homicide
by: Mallory O'Brien, Harvard University (Corresponding)
Eileen Weller, Milwaukee Co. Medical Examiner's Office
Jeffery Jentzen, Milwaukee Co. Medical Examiner's Office
The Spatial Patterning of Homicide and Suicide in Japan: 1985 and 1995
by: Robert D. Baller, University of Iowa (Corresponding)
Dong-Joon Shin, University of Iowa
Kelly K. Richardson, University of Iowa

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Updated 05/20/2006