Session 565: RS353 -> Controlling DUI
Time: 10:30AM to Noon on Saturday, November 16
Place: PDR 5
Session Chair: Laura J. Hickman, RAND
Reaching Out to Stop DUI: A Prevention Program Aimed at Spanish Speaking Migrants
by: George D. Muedeking, California State University - Stanislaus (Corresponding)
Maria L.M. Garcia, California State University - Stanislaus
Does It Still Work? An Eight Year Follow-Up Evaluation of a Pretrial Intoxicated Driver Intervention Program
by: JanMarie Lambert, Wisconsin Correctional Service (Corresponding)
Drunk Drivers in Two Community-Based Programs: A Comparative Study on Exit Status
by: Sudipto Roy, Indiana State University (Corresponding)
Michael P. Brown, Ball State University
Applying Deterrence Theory to Driving: Assessing the Impact of Legislation Authorizing Vehicle Impounds by Law Enforcement
by: Laura J. Hickman, RAND (Corresponding)
Susan Turner, RAND
Terry Fain, RAND

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Updated 05/20/2006