Session 559: RS347 -> Studying Short-Term Developmental Change Using Qualitative Methods
Time: 10:30AM to Noon on Saturday, November 16
Place: Montrose 3
Session Chair: Mercer Sullivan, Rutgers University
Designing Research to Uncover Patterns of Short-Term Change in High-Rate Offenders: Lessons From Research on Drug-Using Prostitutes on an Urban Prostitution Stroll
by: Regina E. Brisgone, Rutgers University (Corresponding)
Conceptual and Measurement Issues in Assessing Serious Youth Violence Over the Early-Adolescent Life-Course: A Social Capital Approach
by: Joseph B. Richardson, Rutgers University (Corresponding)
Examining Short-Term Changes in Mariujuana Use
by: Rashi Shukla, Rutgers University (Corresponding)
Retaliatory Conflict Among Drug Sellers: Crime as a Self-Perpetruating Process
by: Angela Taylor, N. D. R. I., Inc. (Corresponding)
Julie Horney, University at Albany

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Updated 05/20/2006