Session 538: RS327 -> Social Control Theory and Violence
Time: 9:00AM to 10:30 AM on Saturday, November 16
Place: LaSalle 5
Session Chair: Carrie Oser, University of Georgia
The Development of a School Bond: Differences and Similarities for Early Aggressive Children Compared to Other Children
by: Jane B. Sprott, University of Guelph (Corresponding)
Probation Violations and Social Bonds
by: M. Kevin Gray, Indiana State University (Corresponding)
Roni Mayzer, Michigan State University
Is Social Control Theory Crime Specific? An Examination of the Relationship Between Societal-Level Bonds and Adolescent Criminal Offenses Using Structural Equation Modeling
by: Carrie Oser, University of Georgia (Corresponding)
Tanja C. Link, University of Georgia

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Updated 05/20/2006