Session 497: RS301 -> Current Trends in Critical Criminology Research (Sponsored by the Division of Critical Criminology)
Time: 3:30PM to 5:00 PM on Friday, November 15
Place: Dearborn 1
Session Chair: Jim Thomas, Northern Illinois University
Images of Corporate Crime: A Media Analysis of the Breaking Stories in the Enron Case
by: David E. Barlow, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Corresponding)
Melissa Hickman Barlow, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
The Freedom of Information Act as a Methodological Tool: Suing the Government for Data
by: Matthew G. Yeager, Carleton University (Corresponding)
The International Criminal Court and the Control of State Crime: Problems and Prospects
by: Christopher W. Mullins, Southwest Illinois College (Corresponding)
David Kauzlarich, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Dawn Brookshire, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
Against Criminal Justice: Ideological Struggles, Political Battlefields and the Need for Critical Cultural Criminologies
by: Stephen Muzzatti, University of Northern Iowa (Corresponding)
'Testing...Testing': Racial Profiling and In Car Camera Usage in Two Suburban Police Departments
by: Jennifer Dierickx, Wayne State University (Corresponding)
A. Jay Meehan, Oakland University

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Updated 05/20/2006