Session 481: RS297 -> Sentence Disparity and Guideline Challenges
Time: 2:00PM to 3:20 PM on Friday, November 15
Place: Sandburg 4
Session Chair: [To Be Assigned]
Within Versus Between: An Exploration of the Sentencing Disparity Between the State and Federal Systems
by: Alison C. Cares, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
The Influence of Community Characteristics on the Sentencing of Felony Defendants
by: Noelle Fearn, University of Missouri - St. Louis (Corresponding)
The Social and Political Context of Sentencing Disparities: An Application of HLM to Federal Sentencing Practices
by: Terance D. Miethe, University of Nevada - Las Vegas (Corresponding)
Clayton Mosher, Washington State University, Vancouver
Wendy C. Regoeczi, Cleveland State University

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Updated 05/20/2006