Session 437: RS270 -> Norms, Customs and Conventions
Time: 11:00AM to 12:30 PM on Friday, November 15
Place: Cresthill
Session Chair: William Terrill, Northeastern University
Is There Honor Among Crooks?
by: Per Ole Johansen, University of Oslo (Corresponding)
Klaus Von Lampe, Freie Universitaet Berlin
Only the Lonely: Crime and the Collective Lonliness of Contemporary Society
by: Mike Presdee, University of Sunderland (Corresponding)
Using a New Typology of Deviance to Analyze Ten Common Norms of the United States Middle-Class
by: Alex Heckert, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Druann Heckert, Fayetteville State University (Corresponding)
A Test of Turk's Theory of Norm Resistance Using Observational Data on Police-Citizen Encounters
by: William Terrill, Northeastern University (Corresponding)
Robert R. Weidner, University of Minnesota Duluth

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Updated 05/20/2006