Session 202: RS140 -> Innovations in Criminal Justice Research A Collaborative Panel by the Graduate Center/City University of New York Doctoral Students in Criminal Justice
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Thursday, November 14
Place: Sandburg 7
Session Chair: Cathryn Lavery, City University of New York
Doing Their Own Time: Children of Incarcerated Mothers
by: Kim Spanjol, CUNY Graduate Center (Corresponding)
Community College Athletes and Non-Athletes: An Examination of Social Status Characteristics, Rape Supportive Attitudes, and Beliefs
by: Cathryn Lavery, City University of New York (Corresponding)
A Theoretical Analysis of Motor Vehicle Theft "Hot Spots": Incidence, Occurrence, Prevalence and Prevention
by: Jeff Walsh, CUNY - Graduate Center/John Jay College (Corresponding)
Fostering a Culture of Lawfulness: Examining the Pathway to Resiliency Between Support for the Police, Legal Reasoning, and Behavior Amongst Mexican Youths
by: Heath B. Grant, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Corresponding)
Patterns of Help-Seeking Among Battered Women From Two Inner City Communities
by: Ida Dupont, Pace University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006