Session 224: PP51 -> Violence, Police and Democracy
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Thursday, November 14
Place: LaSalle 1
Session Chair: Paul D. Skalski, Michigan State University
Media Coverage of the Timothy Thomas Shooting, the Cincinnati Riots, and Implications for Law Enforcement
by: Paul D. Skalski, Michigan State University (Corresponding)
J. Pete Blair, Michigan State University
Kenneth A. Lachlan, Michigan State University
An Opportunity Model of Police Homicide Victimization
by: Robert J. Kaminski, National Institute of Justice (Corresponding)
The Ultimate Victimization: An Exploratory Analysis of Lethal Assaults Against Police Officers
by: Kimberly J. Belvedere, California State Univ. - San Bernardino (Corresponding)
The Prague Police: Adopting Democratic Principles
by: David Jenks, California State University, Los Angeles (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006