Session 56: PP5 -> Interpersonal Violence
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 13
Place: PDR 4
Session Chair: Martin D. Schwartz, Ohio University
School-Based Violence: A Practical Approach to Social Problems
by: Carol R. Gregory, University of Delaware (Corresponding)
Sally Bould, University of Delaware
Dating Violence Study: A Test of DeKeseredy's and Schwatz's (1998) Male Peer Support Theory
by: Samantha O'Hara, Southern District of Iowa (Corresponding)
Interpersonal Crime as Edgework
by: Brian A. Monahan, University of Delaware (Corresponding)
Sexual Assault During and After Separation/Divorce
by: Walter S. DeKeseredy, Ohio University (Corresponding)
Martin D. Schwartz, Ohio University
McKenzie Rogness, Ohio University

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Updated 05/20/2006