Session 55: PP4 -> Assessing the Context and Consequences of the Criminal Justice System
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 13
Place: PDR 9
Session Chair: Candace Kruttschnitt, University of Minnesota
Social Control of Mental Illness: The Effect of Mental Health Evaluations on Sentencing
by: Melissa Thompson, University of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Women's Styles of Doing Time and Their Adjustment in Two Different Prison Settings
by: Candace Kruttschnitt, University of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Rosemary Gartner, University of Toronto
Kristin C. Carbone, University of Minnesota
Multi-Agency Collaborations and Youth Homicide: The Origins and Potential Effectiveness of Gang Task Forces
by: Julie Barrows
Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Midnight Basketball and the 1994 Crime Bill Debates: Racial Codes and Symbolic Politics in Contemporary U.S. Culture
by: Douglas Hartmann, University of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Darren Wheelock, University of Minnesota
Karen Heimer, University of Iowa

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Updated 05/20/2006