Session 516: PP121 -> Serious Adolescent Offenders
Time: 3:30PM to 5:00 PM on Friday, November 15
Place: Clark 5
Session Chair: Edward P. Mulvey, University of Pittsburgh
This panel session will present an overview and some preliminary findings from an ongoing longitudinal study of serious adolescent offenders. The panel has five papers; two providing background information about the study and and three providing preliminary findings based on the initial interviews with enrolled subjects. These papers will proide a coherent overview of a large project currently underway that will produce rich information about the adjustment of serious adolescent offenders in late adolescence. This is a collaborative research project emanating from discussions and planning sessions of the MacArthur Foundation Network on Adolescent Development and Juvenile Justice, a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitiuoners. The study is being coordinated out of the University of Pittsburgh and the teams in Philadelphia and Phoenix are overseeing data collection. Members of the working group have been meeting regularly and collaborating about design and measurement for over two years.
Project Overview
by: Edward P. Mulvey, University of Pittsburgh (Corresponding)
Sample Characteristics
by: Alex R. Piquero, University of Florida (Corresponding)
Robert Brame, University of South Carolina
The Importance of the Interaction of Developmental Factors and Social Context in Serious Adolescent Offenders
by: Laurence Steinberg, Temple University (Corresponding)
Developmental Variables in a Sample of Serious Adolescent Offenders
by: Elizabeth Cauffman, University of Pittsburgh (Corresponding)
New Measures for Assessing Perceptions of Justice System Involvement
by: Jeffrey Fagan, Columbia University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006