The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Participant Index for the Letter F
Fagan, Abby, University of Queensland
Fagan, Jeffrey, Columbia University
Faggiani, Donald, University of Wyoming
Fain, Terry, RAND
Falcone, David N., Illinois State University
Famega, Christine, University of Cincinnati
Farabee, David, University of California, Los Angeles
Farley, Erin, University of Delaware
Farrell, Amy, Northeastern University
Farrell, Bill, University of Michigan - Flint
Farrell, Graham, University of Cincinnati
Farrell, Jill, University of Maryland at College Park
Farrington, David P., University of Cambridge
Fearn, Noelle, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Feder, Lynette, Portland State University
Feenan, Dermot, University of Ulster
Feinberg, Seth L., The Ohio State University
Feist, Andy, Home Office, London
Feld, Barry C., University of Minnesota Law School
Feldman, Lisa, George Washington University
Felsenstein, Daniel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Felson, Richard B., Pennsylvania State University
Fendrich, Michael, University of Illinois at Chicago
Feng, Li, Kings County District Attorney's Office
Ferdinand, Theodore N., Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbondale
Ferguson, Andrew, Federal Correctional Institution
Ferrell, Jeff, Southern Methodist University
Feucht, Thomas E., National Institute of Justice
Feurtado, Gardel, The Citadel
Fielding, Nigel G., University of Surrey
Fillmore, Cathy, University of Winnipeg
Finckenauer, Jim, Rutgers University
Findley, Keith, University of Wisconsin Law School
Finigan, Michael, Northwest Professional Consortium, Inc.
Finkelhor, David, University of New Hampshire
Finn, Mary A., Georgia State University
Firman, John, IACP
Fischer, Benedikt, University of Toronto
Fisher, Bonnie, University of Cincinnati
Fisher-Giorlando, Marianne, Grambling State University
Fishman, Laura T., University of Vermont
Fitzgerald, Hiram E., Michigan State University
Flanzer, Jerry, National Institute on Drug Abuse
Flavin, Jeanne, Fordham University
Fleisher, Mark S., Illinois State University
Fletcher, Bennett W., National Institute on Drug Abuse
Fletcher, Bill, Vanderbilt University
Fleury, Ruth E., University of Delaware
Flood, Sarah, University of Minnesota
Flores, Anthony W., University of Cincinnati
Flores, Eliel, The Vera Institute of Justice
Fluellen, Reginald, University at Albany
Flynn, Nicole, University of South Alabama
Fogel, Sondra J., University of South Florida
Foglia, Wanda, Rowan University
Folger, Melissa Ann, Indiana University
Fontaine, Nathalie, Universite de Montreal
Ford, David A., Indiana-Purdue University - Indianapolis
Ford, Frederick G., Prairie View A & M University
Forde, David R., University of Memphis
Forst, Brian, The American University
Forston, Edward, Washington State University
Forsyth, Craig, University of Louisiana, Lafayette
Fortner, Neil, PharmChem
Fox, Dana, Center for Court Innovation
Fox, Greer Litton, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Frank, James, University of Cincinnati
Frank, Ove, Stockholm University
Frase, Richard, University of Minnesota Law School
Frazier, Charles E., University of Florida
Frederick, Bruce, NYS Div. of Criminal Justice Services
Free, Marvin, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Freeman, Charles E., University of Delaware
Freilich, Joshua D., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Freng, Adrienne, University of Wyoming
Frickson, Ed, Ramsey Co. All Children Excel (ACE) Prg.
Friday, Paul C., University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Fridell, Lorie A., Police Executive Research Forum
Friedmann, Robert R., Georgia State University
Friedrichs, David O., University of Scranton
Fritzon, Katrina, University of Surrey
Frost, Jeff, U.S. Secret Service
Frost, Natasha A., Criminology & Public Policy
Fu, Qianwei, University of Maryland at College Park
Fujino, Kyoko, Ministry of Justice, Japan
Fuller, John Randolph, State University of West Georgia
Furedi, Frank, University of Kent in Canterbury
Furukawa, Emi, George Mason University
Fuss, Timothy, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Fyfe, James J., John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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