The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
"War on Drugs", Trends of Drug Crimes and Changes of Imprisonment Session 506: RS310
War on Drugs: War on Women: Applications of Peacemaking Criminology to Gender Inequities in Crime Control Strategies Session 105: RS81
War on Terrorism: The Views of Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice Majors on Terrorism and the Punishment of Terrorists Session 124: RS89
"We Hate You and We Don't Care": The Character Traits, Racism, and Xenophobia of English Football Hooligans Session 572: RS360
Weapon Carrying, Use and Delinquency Among Young Urban Females: Impact and Consequences Session 378: RS223
Weapons and Youth in Toronto and Philadelphia Session 339: PP80
Welcome to the Last Chance Saloon Bail Supervision and Support and Its Young Offenders Session 473: RS289
Welcome to the Machine: Child Remand Prisoners and the Limits of Custodial Reform in England and Wales Session 330: RS205
What 'Penitential People' Think About Prison and Media? Session 377: RS222
What a Difference a Fulbright Fellowship Can Make: A Case Study of an Award to a Polish Scholar Session 194: TC8
What Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence Tells Us About System Limitations Session 220: PP47
What Do We Know about Inequality and Crime? A Comparison of Meta-Analysis and Qualitative Analysis Session 222: PP49
What Does the Way in Which a Victim is Killed Tell Us About a Homicide? Session 314: TC34
What Exactly Are We Teaching Our Students? Session 376: RS221
What Goes Around, Comes Around: The Co-occurrence of Victimization and Offending Patterns Among Juvenile Offenders Session 102: RS78
What is Your Attitude: Male and Female Drug Users Session 320: RS195
What Strain? We Run This Place: Strain Theory, Race, and Rule Violations committed by Prison Gang Members Session 379: RS224
What To Do With Mentally Ill Offenders? A Case Study of a Small Urban County in New Hampshire's Attempt to Create a Mental Health Court Session 405: RS249
What We Do and Don't Know: Systematic Reviews and Methods Session 314: TC34
What We Do and Don't Know: Systematic Reviews and Methods Session 475: RS291
What We Know and Don't Know About 'the' Immigration-Crime Link Session 573: RS361
What Will the Supreme Court Say About Second Amendment Issues and How Will Society Respond? Session 368: RS213
What Works for Me? Arrest Decisions as Adaptive Behavior Session 263: PP59
What Works in Probation: A House Built on Sand? Session 536: RS325
What You See is Wht You Get: The Shaping of Public Opinion Through media Portrayals, and Its Effect on the Administering of Justice Session 97: RS73
What's in a Name?: Women-Centered Corrections or Misappropriation of Feminist Goodwill Session 466: RS282
What's My Best Chance? : Bench Trials, Jury Trials and Personal Characteristics of Offenders Session 553: RS342
When a Battered Woman Kills Her Abuser How Does She Defend Herself? Session 42: RS39
When Research Makes Sense: The Advantages of Practitioner-Informed Research on Delinquent Girls Session 53: PP2
When Science, Politics, and Advocacy Collide: A Personal Encounter With D.A.R.E. Session 163: RS111
When the Shoe Doesn't Fit: Misguided and Counterproductive Policies and Practices for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System Session 466: RS282
When Worlds Collide: Perspectives of Detainees, Parents and Detention Officers on Delinquency in the Context of Disproportionate Minority Confinement Session 177: RS125
When Worlds Collide: Women's Responses to Arrest and Prosecution for Domestic Violence Session 587: RS373
Whipping the Offender: Corporal Punishment Views of University Students Session 124: RS89
White-Collar Crime in Nigeria: A Conceptual Inquiry Session 48: RS45
Who Do Communities Trust? Session 495: RS299
Who Researched What We Know and Under What Circumstances? Period and Cohort Effects in the Production of Criminological Knowledge, 1951-1993 Session 520: PP125
Who Took the Outhouse: Institutionalized Racism and the Culture of Tradition Session 370: RS215
Who Wants to Mend Broken Windows?: Collective Efficacy, Neighboring Behavior and Attitudes Toward the Police Session 556: RS345
Whose on Probation? Session 327: RS202
Why Are They Dying: Gender and Suicide in Correctional Facilities Session 38: RS35
Why Are They Using? Understanding the Role of Self-Control and Opprtunity in Adolescent Substance Use Session 435: RS268
Why Do They Do It? A General Theory of Crime and Delinquency {Poster Location 5} Session 358: PS1
Why Don't Rogues React on Less Police Surveillance? {Poster Location 17} Session 358: PS1
Widening the Feminist Lens on Restorative Justice Session 258: PP54
Will the Real Murderer Please Stand Up? Transnational Corporations and the Violation of Human Rights, Homicide or Cancer? Session 22: RS19
Winning the Battle/Losing the War: Cultural Nostalgia and the "True Crime" Comic Genre Session 474: RS290
Within Versus Between: An Exploration of the Sentencing Disparity Between the State and Federal Systems Session 481: RS297
Women and Children First: Process Evaluation Results From the Greenbook Initiative Session 289: RS187
Women and Crime: Theory and Indian Reality Session 171: RS119
Women and Methamphetamine: A Review of Current Research Session 431: RS264
Women and the Death Penalty Session 483: PP112
Women and the Death Penalty: A Feminist/Legal Perspective Session 525: PP130
Women and War: The Hidden Casualties Session 13: RS10
Women and War: The Hidden Casualties Session 471: RS287
Women in Blue: Predictors That Buffer Female Police Officers From Perceived Gender Discrimination by Men in Blue Session 103: RS79
Women on the Bench: The Different Voices and Experiences of Female Judicial Officers Session 200: RS138
Women Only Business Session 160: RS108
Women Sex Offenders: The Use and Misuse of Classification Session 549: RS338
Women Who Kill: A Quantitative Application of the Gender Entrapment Model Session 171: RS119
Women's Problems or Problem Women? Menstrual Disorders in Women Serving a Prison Sentence Session 398: RS242
Women's Styles of Doing Time and Their Adjustment in Two Different Prison Settings Session 55: PP4
The Work Environment of Public Defender Managers: Total Quality Management Committees and Chicken BBQs Session 46: RS43
Writing With and For Prisoners: A Feminist's Tale Session 466: RS282
Wrongful Convictions in Capital Cases and the Legacy of Lynching Session 127: RS92
Wrongful Convictions in Death Penalty Cases: Defining Innocence Session 84: PP12

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