The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter V

Paper Title Session ID
The Validation of a Risk Assessment Instrument for Partner Abusers: Predictive Factors of Recidivism for Male and Female Offenders Deemed at Risk for Domestic Assault Session 542: RS331
Validity of Commonly-Cited Risk and Protective Factors for Assessing Release Readiness Among Incarcerated Delinquents Session 60: PP9
Variation in Definition of Homicide Session 567: RS355
Vengeance, Security, and Political Repression: The Present and Future Struggle for Human Rights in the Wake of Structural Violence Session 164: RS112
Vermont Reparative Probation Year 2000 Outcome Evaluation: Final Report Session 264: PP60
Versatility in Criminal Offending and Its Effects on Coverage of the Convicted Offender Index: A Comparison of Models for Expanding a DNA Data Bank Session 87: PP15
The Very Short-Term Consequences of Adolescent Employment for Grades, Truancy, and In-School Behavior Problems: Evidence From Sound Futures Session 218: PP45
The Vice Lords After Four Decades: A Criminological Analysis Session 216: RS154
Victim Needs and Services: An Assessment of Indiana's Resources in Support of Crime Victims Session 27: RS24
The Victim on my Mind. Incorporating Victim Costs in the Rational Choice Decision Function of the Offender, Accounting for Egoism and Impulsivity Session 422: PP96
Victim Precipitated Domestic Assault -- Does This Provide an Explanation for Female Arrests? Session 507: RS311
Victim-Based Disparity and Death Sentences: A Specification of Previous Findings Session 525: PP130
Victimization Among Incarcerated Juveniles in Japan: A Subsequent Report of the National Survey of Inmates in Juvenile Training Schools Session 550: RS339
Victimization and HIV Risk Behavior Among Female Crack Users {Poster Location 3} Session 358: PS1
Victimization and Offending: Exploring the Role of Victimization in the Delinquent Subcultures Session 438: RS271
Victimization and White Collar Crime: Random or Structured? Session 76: RS62
Victimization Experiences Among Prisoners in the United States: A Reanalysis of BJS Data Session 519: PP124
The "Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000": How the Human Trafficking Problem Became a U.S. Public Policy Issue Session 176: RS124
Victims' Rights, Law Enforcement Work, and Victims' Experiences Session 490: PP119
The Vienna Convention and Mexicans Charged With First Degree Murder Session 241: RS160
Vietnam War Genre Films and Ideological Messages: Perceptions of Conflict and Moral and Political Disenchantment Session 474: RS290
Views of College Students on Alternative Lifestyles: Do Criminal Justice Students Differ in Their Views of Gays and Lesbians? Session 124: RS89
Violence and At-Risk Inner-City Girls {Poster Location 56} Session 358: PS1
Violence and Religion: A Test of an Expanded Model of the Social Bond Session 29: RS26
Violence Behind Bars: An Examination of Collective Action and Individual Violence in Adult Male Correctional Facilities Session 305: PP73
Violence in the Schoolyard: School Girls' Use of Violence Session 36: RS33
Violence, Recidivism and Patterns of Achievement in Criminal Careers Session 288: RS186
Violent Behavior Among Girls in Violent Contexts: Results From the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods Session 519: PP124
Violent Delinquency in Context: Integrating Social Capital and Street Culture Perspectives Session 517: PP122
Violent Entertainment and Social Misconduct: The Myth of Social Learning as a Significant Cause of Crime Session 422: PP96
Violent Offenders at School Session 197: RS135
Violent Offenders Talk (About) Remorse: Implications for Restorative Justice Session 201: RS139
Violent Street Crime and Alcohol, Marijuana, and Hard Drug Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of Runaway and Homeless Adolescents Session 435: RS268
Violent Victimization in Adolescence and Problem Drinking Outcomes: Findings From the Violence and Threats of Violence Against Women and Men in the United States Survey, 1994-1996 Session 344: PP85
Vital Links: Connection Between Criminal Behavior and Animal Cruelty Session 550: RS339

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