The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
Tackling Britain's Street Crime Problem: A National Problem Solving Approach? Session 232: TC16
Tackling the Virtual Vandal: Designing Out Crime Within Virtual Reality Communities Session 250: RS169
Taking a Long Time to Die: A Study of Time Between Homicide Injury and Death Session 165: RS113
Targeting Illegal Gun Trafficking by Corrupt Federal Firearms Licensees Session 5: RS2
Targeting Violent Crime in Small Communities: Balancing the Competing Demands of Intervention and Investment for Long-term Change Session 354: TC43
The Targets and Intended Victims of Terrorist Activities in the United States Session 114: PP22
TBA Session 272: TC24
TBA {Poster Location 67} Session 358: PS1
TBA Session 427: RS260
TBA Session 427: RS260
TBA Session 427: RS260
TBA Session 427: RS260
TBA Session 427: RS260
TBA Session 480: RS296
TBA Session 531: RS320
TBA Session 531: RS320
TBA Session 531: RS320
Teacher Opinion Leaders and Services for Students With ADHD in Low-Income Urban Schools Session 86: PP14
Teaching and Mentoring Students to Lead Session 227: TC11
Teaching and Research on the Internet {Poster Location 48} Session 358: PS1
Teaching and Studying in a HBC Session 271: TC23
Teaching Ethics to Prisoners Session 152: PP41
Technology and the Criminal Justice Classroom: Using S.P.S.S. and Online Court Dockets to Demonstrate Evaluation Research Session 291: RS189
Telemarketing Fraud: Illegitimate Offspring of the American Market Economy Session 173: RS121
Terrorism and State Crime: A Review of Acts and Perpetrators Within the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court Session 349: TC38
Terrorism in Africa and Issues on African Security Session 231: TC15
A Test of General Strain Theory Using Incarcerated Women: An Examination of Duration, Recency and Clustering Session 541: RS330
A Test of the Responsivity Principle Across Three Treatment Sites Session 265: PP61
A Test of Turk's Theory of Norm Resistance Using Observational Data on Police-Citizen Encounters Session 437: RS270
Testing the Impact of Drug Treatment on Reoffending: An Evaluation of the Breaking the Cycle Program in Jacksonville, Florida Session 505: RS309
'Testing...Testing': Racial Profiling and In Car Camera Usage in Two Suburban Police Departments Session 497: RS301
Their Dying Words: Analyzing the Last Statements of Executed Offenders Session 74: RS60
A Theoretical Analysis of Motor Vehicle Theft "Hot Spots": Incidence, Occurrence, Prevalence and Prevention Session 202: RS140
A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of Female and Male Desistance From General Delinquency Session 100: RS76
Theorizing Criminal Justice: An Emerging Infrastructure Session 387: RS232
A Theory of Public/Private Interaction and Its Potential for Corruption Session 454: PP109
Thinking About Gender, Vulnerability and Fear of Crime Session 125: RS90
Thinking Hard About Measuring the Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Programs Session 98: RS74
Threat, Social Control and Urban Violence: Examining Black Threat, Incarceration Rates and Urban Disadvantage in the Study of Violence Session 237: RS156
Thugs and Thieves: Differential Correlates for Violent Behavior and Stealing Session 461: RS277
Time Passages: Historical Relationships Between Crime and Violence Rates in the United States and Their Usefulness in Forecasting Future Relationships Session 165: RS113
To Hit or Not to Hit: The Effects of Social Capital on Youth Violence Session 339: PP80
Too Late for Luck: An Analysis of Post-Furman Executions 'Despite Doubts About Their Guilt' Session 127: RS92
A Tool for Public Policy Decision Making Session 54: PP3
Toward a Multilevel Integrated Model: Beyond the Theoretical Integration Session 523: PP128
Toward a Theory of Criminal Responsibility Session 454: PP109
Toward an Integrated Theoretical Perspective of Juvenile Delinquency: A Partial Replication and Extension Session 253: RS172
TOWN HALL MEETING: Women's Use of Violence in Intimate Relationships: Are Women as Violent as Men? Session 323: RS198
Tracking DNA Offender Hits on the New York State DNA Data Bank: An Analysis of Criminal Justice Case Processing Outcomes Session 87: PP15
Traffic Stop Data Collection: The Impact of Methodology on Research Regarding Race-Based Policing Session 20: RS17
The Tragic Death of Roy Lee Centers: Explaining Murder and Injustice Session 25: RS22
Training Cops About Kids: Still in the Toddler Stage Session 418: PP92
Trajectories of Alcohol and Drug Use Among French-Canadian Boys From Low SES Families Session 435: RS268
Trajectories of Change in Suburban Violent Crime Rates: The Influence of Demography, Social Organization, and Spatial Disadvantage Session 298: PP66
Transient Males: Prison/ Jail Re-Entry, Drugs and Violence Session 480: RS296
Transnational Terrorism and Terrorist Design: Modalities of Organizational Structure and Problem-Solving Proposed Session 375: RS220
Transnational Trafficking of Women and Girls Session 374: RS219
Treat Juveniles as Adults: General Perception of Southern Nonmetropolitan Residents Session 568: RS356
Treating Drug-Involved Juvenile Offenders Session 383: RS228
Treating Drug-Involved Prisoners: Implications for Drug Control and Community Safety Session 301: PP69
Treating Technical Parole Violators in Pennsylvania: Outcomes From an RSAT Evaluation Session 604: RS390
The Treatment and Management of Risk: A Sex Offenders' Perspective Session 549: RS338
Treatment and Services Usage Among Juvenile and Adult Offenders Session 589: RS375
Treatment Approaches in Juvenile Drug Courts Session 64: RS50
The Treatment Effectiveness of Institutionalized Juvenile Offenders: A Preliminary Report Session 305: PP73
Trends in Adolescent Female Crime Session 369: RS214
Trends in Female (and Male) Crime: An HLM Analysis of the Impact of Changing Family Structure on Levels of Violence, 1970-2000 Session 341: PP82
Trends in Heroin Use and Injection and Disclosure of Heroiun Use Among Adam-Manhattan Arrestees 1987-2001 Session 183: RS131
Trivial Matters: A Comparison of Homicider-Suicide, Intimate Partner Homicide and Homicide Session 514: RS318
Trust in a High Risk Environment: Implications for Correctional Officer Stress Session 390: RS235
Trying Kids as Adults: The Phenomenon of Transfer in the 1990's Session 195: TC9
Turbulent Talk: Girls' Making Sense of Violence Session 36: RS33
The Turn of Criminology Away From the Social and the Construction of the Victim Session 414: PP88
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Evaluating the Effectiveness of New Jersey's Halfway-Back Program Session 389: RS234
Typology of Terrorists Session 14: RS11

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