The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter S

Paper Title Session ID
Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative National Evaluation Wave 1 Findings: Being Bullied ad Other Outcomes and Behaviors Session 462: RS278
Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative National Evaluation Wave 1 Findings: School Safety and Law Enforcement Session 462: RS278
Safe/Schools/Healthy Students Initiative National Evaluation Wave 1 Findings: Characteristics Related to Violence Perpetration, Victimization and Exposure Session 462: RS278
Sage Schools or Safe Society: Issues in School Violence, School Bullying, and School Discipline Session 136: RS101
Sample Characteristics Session 516: PP121
School Climate Predictors of School Disorder: Results From the National Study of Delinquency Prevention in Schools Session 117: PP25
School Location and Toxic Waste: Race, Class, or Collective Efficacy? {Poster Location 23} Session 358: PS1
School Networks, (Best) Friends, and Youth Groups: Who Contributes to Peer Similarity in Delinquent Behavior? Session 509: RS313
School-Based Protection of Youth At-Risk for Joining Gangs Session 150: PP39
School-Based Violence: A Practical Approach to Social Problems Session 56: PP5
School-Based Youth Courts: Early Interventions for Delinquency Prevention Session 19: RS16
Schools as a Source for Delinquent Behavior: The Development of Negative Affective States and the Presence of Coping Strategies Session 558: RS346
Schools as Communities: The Relationships Among Communal School Organization, Student Bonding, and School Disorder Session 117: PP25
Science to Art: The Jump to New Ideas {Poster Location 33} Session 358: PS1
Scotland's Pilot Drug Court: The First Six Months Session 104: RS80
Screening Arrestees for Pretrial Release Eligibility Session 327: RS202
Searching for a Demon: The Media Construction of the Militia Movement {Poster Location 18} Session 358: PS1
Seasonal and Temporal Variation in School Victimizations Session 256: RS175
The Second Amendment as a Guarantee of the Individual Right to Arms Session 368: RS213
Secrets in the Age of Space Espionage Session 244: RS163
Securities Offences in Post-Communist China: Socialist Market Economy and the Control of White-Collar Crime Session 570: RS358
Security Threat Groups: The Threat Posed by White Supremacist Organizations Session 216: RS154
'Security' Sexual Abuse of Flight Attendants Since 9/11: Terror Upon Terror Session 13: RS10
Seductive Punishment and Relinquished Rights Session 292: RS190
Seductive Punishment and Relinquished Rights Session 585: RS371
See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Exploring Research on Missing Children Session 407: RS251
The Self-Appraisal Questionnaire Session 461: RS277
Self-Control, Peers, and Anti-Social Behavior: Understanding the Interactions at the Facet-Level Session 18: RS15
Self-Defense Training, Women's Abuse History, and Psychological Characteristics Session 103: RS79
Self-Defense Training, Women's Abuse History, and Psychological Characteristics Session 499: RS303
Self-Esteem and School Violence: Towards a Research Agenda Session 149: PP38
Self-Report and Police Arrest Data in Gang Program Evaluation: Methodological and Policy Implications Session 15: RS12
Self-Reported Delinquency in Rural France: Studying an Unstudied Population Session 348: TC37
A Semiotics of Detective Work Session 452: PP107
Sentences Given to Convicted Drug Offenders: An Examination of the Race Effect, By Specific Drug Offenses Session 174: RS122
Sentencing Decisions for White and American-Indian DUI and Robbery Offenders in Alaska Session 344: PP85
Sentencing Decisions of Individual Judges: Does the Sentence an Offender Receives Depend on the Juge Who Imposes It? Session 115: PP23
Sentencing Disparities, Elections and the Historical Homicide Data Set Session 591: RS377
Sentencing Disparity and Departures as a Mediational Process Session 445: PP100
Sentencing of Federal Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing Offenders: The Importance of Legal Environment Session 445: PP100
The Sentencing of Juveniles in Criminal Court Session 487: PP116
Seriousness of White-Collar Crime Revisited, 2002 Session 76: RS62
Serving the Law in Mayberry, R.F.D. Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practices of Small Town Prosecutors Session 600: RS386
Serving Under the Influence Session 186: RS134
Setting Them Up to Fail Session 578: RS366
Settling Down and Aging Out: Desistance From Crime as a Turning Point in the Life Course Session 415: PP89
Sex and the Prison: Custodial Sexual Abuse in Women's Prisons and Civil Liability: An Analysis of Legal Issues Under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 Session 59: PP8
Sex Differences in Violent Behavior: Same Predictors, Different Levels? Session 478: RS294
Sex Exchange Among Crack Users Session 126: RS91
Sex Offender Notification and Protective Behavior Session 32: RS29
Sex Offenders in Our Communities Session 32: RS29
Sex Offenders Returning Home: Variation in Services and Parole Practices on Sex Offender Caseloads Session 388: RS233
Sex Offenders With Learning Disabilities: An Evaluation Session 388: RS233
Sexist Terrorism on the Plains: "Re-Inventing" Justice Through the Examination of Judicial Issuance of Protection Orders Session 71: RS57
Sexual Arousal Reconditioning and Evaluating 'Success' in Prison Sex OffenderTreatment Programs Session 162: RS110
Sexual Assault During and After Separation/Divorce Session 56: PP5
Sexual Assault Victimization and Suicidal Behavior in Women: A Review of Empirical Studies Session 59: PP8
Sexual Attitudes, Behaviors and Reproductive Practices and of African-American Adolescent Males in Severely-Distressed Inner-City Households Session 292: RS190
Sexual Harassment in Criminal Justice Organizations: A Legal Analysis Session 200: RS138
Sexual Harassment in the Transition to Adulthood: Content and Context Session 472: RS288
Shanghai 1927 and La Paz 1980: Organized Crime and Ideology Session 384: RS229
Sharing of Terrorism Related Intelligence Information Within the National Law Enforcement Community Session 486: PP115
She's Still Bad: Contrasting Judicial Discourse on Mothers From 1980-2001 Session 260: PP56
Shifting Paradigms: Policing in Northern Ireland Session 475: RS291
SHOCAP-Sibling Project Session 190: TC4
The Significance and Methods of Networking Session 502: RS306
Silver Bullets Session 39: RS36
Situational Affects of Gender Inequality on Girls Participation in Violence Session 36: RS33
The Situational Aspects of Gang Homicides: Honor or Dispute? Session 592: RS378
Situational Clustering in Homicide Session 165: RS113
Situational Crime Prevention Tecxhniques and Occupational Crime: Do Targeting Hardening Strategies Reduce Rates of Employee Theft and Shoplifting? Session 108: RS84
Situational Determinants in Intimate Violence Session 507: RS311
Smoke 'em If You Got 'em--But Not in Prison: A Study of Behavioral Changes After a State-Sanctioned Smoking Ban Session 595: RS381
The Smuggling of Chinese; A Dutch Perspective Session 410: RS254
The Social and Political Context of Sentencing Disparities: An Application of HLM to Federal Sentencing Practices Session 481: RS297
Social Architecture and Employee Deviance Session 44: RS41
Social Capital in Context: Utilizing GIS in the Consideration of Community Resources Session 433: RS266
Social Capital Revisited: An Extended Examination of Family Social Capital and Outcomes Later in the Life-Course Session 576: RS364
Social Change, Anomie, and Violent Crime in Russia Session 391: RS236
Social Construction of Injustice: The Press and the Failure of the Death Penalty Session 74: RS60
The Social Construction of Personal Protection Orders: Gendered Differences? Session 220: PP47
The Social Construction of Skateboarding as Deviant Session 315: TC35
The Social Context of Drug Use Among Rave Participants Session 598: RS384
Social Context, Strain, and Delinquency: An Examination of Conditioning Effects Within Session 379: RS224
Social Control of Mental Illness: The Effect of Mental Health Evaluations on Sentencing Session 55: PP4
The Social Ecology of Juvenile Violence Session 593: RS379
The Social Ecology of Violence: An Exploration of Contextual Factors in Cases of Youth Victimization Session 593: RS379
The Social Growth of the Violent Brain: Brain Research on Teen Violence Session 215: RS153
The Social Impact of Mass Incarceration on Women Session 94: RS70
Social Networks in Criminal Violence Session 484: PP113
Social Perceptions and Attitudes to Punishment Session 195: TC9
The Social Structure of Vengeance Session 237: RS156
Social Support and Delinquency: The Significance of Race, Class, and Gender Session 467: RS283
Social Support, Gender, and Inmate Misconduct Session 351: TC40
Social-Political Forces Driving Sentencing Policies in the United States and the Republic of South Africa Session 408: RS252
Socioeconomic Status and Criminal Sentencing: An Interpretive Review of the Field Session 545: RS334
Sociology Ecology of Violence Against Women Session 69: RS55
Solution-Oriented Policing: New Tactics for Training Session 21: RS18
Some Lessons From the Home Office Burglary Reduction Initiative in England and Wales: What Worked and Why? Session 356: TC45
Southern Hospitality: Historical Overview of Texas Female Prisons: 1900-2000 Session 166: RS114
Spams and Scams, the 'White Noise of Cysberspace': The Problem of Small Impact Multiple Victimisation Deceptions on the Internet Session 244: RS163
A Spatial Analysis of Neighborhoods, Land-Use, and Crime Rates: Do We Reap What We Zone? Session 58: PP7
Spatial and Social Processes of Homicide: Bringing Offenders and Victims Together in Watts (1980-2000) Session 484: PP113
Spatial Diffusion of Residential Burglaries in Tokyo Session 78: RS64
Spatial Diffusion of the Crime Mapping Innovation in the United States Session 433: RS266
Spatial Linkages Between Unemployment and Crime Rates: Spatial Extensions to the Cantor-Land Framework Session 58: PP7
The Spatial Patterning of Homicide and Suicide in Japan: 1985 and 1995 Session 567: RS355
Spatial Patterns of Re-Offending in the Indianapolis Restorative Justice Experiment Session 259: PP55
Speaking for the Victims: The Role of the Sexual Assault/Rape Victim Avocate Session 606: RS392
Speaking of Crime and Evil: The Ideology, Language and Metaphors of Terror Session 414: PP88
Specifying "Space" in a Model of Crime in the Presence of Gangs: Geography or Social Networks? Session 484: PP113
Sports and Deviance Among College Athletes: Specifying the Relationship Session 479: RS295
Spouse Assault: The Ethnic Dimension in an Immigration Country Session 40: RS37
Staff Sexual Misconduct Against Female Prison Inmates as Extra-Legal Punishment Session 65: RS51
The State Police: Patrol Tasks and Trooper Discretion Session 285: RS183
States' Progress in Implementing the Federal Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants (JAIBG) Program Session 284: RS182
A Statewide Evaluation of Ohio's Drug Courts: Characteristics and Outcomes Session 211: RS149
The Statewide Proposition 36 Evaluation: Goals, Design, and Early Findings Session 530: RS319
The Statistical Relationship Between the Rate of Incarceration and the Rate of Crime in Each of the Fifty States: Has the Continuing Prison Expansion Changed Things? Session 214: RS152
Status Offender Programs: Policy Analysis and Recommendations for One Local Community in Central Pennsylvania Session 284: RS182
Statutory Rape: Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics Session 161: RS109
Staying Free: Learned Helplessness or a Rational Choice? Session 90: PP18
Stereotypes, Class, and "Dangerousness": Latinos in Prison Session 574: RS362
Still Excluded? An Update on the Status of African American Scholars in the Discipline of Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 43: RS40
Stories From the Dark Side: The Personal and Professional Woman Session 160: RS108
A Strain Theory Assessment of Juvenile Delinquency in the People's Republic of China Session 295: PP63
The Strange Case of the Non-Existent San Francisco Probate Files Session 198: RS136
Stranger Rape and Geo-Demographics Session 447: PP102
A Strategic Plan for Crime Prevention Research and Evaluation Session 355: TC44
Strategic Planning in Applied Criminologic Research: A Case Study of Reentry in Baltimore, Maryland Session 118: PP26
Strategies for Enhancing the Adoption of School-Based Prevention Programs: Lessons Learned From the Life Skills Training Replication Project Session 509: RS313
Stratified Labor Markets and Disaggregated Violence: A Look at the Intersection Between Race and Gender in the Urban Context Session 119: PP27
Street Crime vs. White Collared Crime: A Closer Examination of the Impact on Society Session 76: RS62
Street Youth, Strain, and Crime: Testing Agnew's Revised Theory Session 379: RS224
Streets of Hope: Corrections Treatment Models and the Viability of Intervention Through Community-Based Corrections Approaches Session 137: RS102
Strength, Spirit, and Healing: Perspectives on Wilderness-Based Programming for Girls Session 282: RS180
The Strengthening Washington D.C. Families Project: Description and Process Evaluation Session 366: RS211
The Strengthening Washington D.C. Families Project: Early Outcome Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial Session 366: RS211
Strengths-Based Gender Specific Programming for Female Juvenile Offenders Session 322: RS197
Stress Among Rural and Small-Town Police Officers Session 285: RS183
Stressful Response: Sources and Outcomes of Police Stress in Responses to Calls of Partner Violence Session 402: RS246
Structural and Organizational Determinants of Police Brutality Civil Rights Criminal Complaints: A Test of Conflict Theory Session 91: PP19
Structural Arrangements in Large Municipal Police Organizations: Revisiting Wilson's Theory of Local Political Culture Session 112: RS88
Structural Change in Large Police Organizations in the 1990s {Poster Location 62} Session 358: PS1
Structural Components and Recidivism: An Examination of Juvenile Offending Among Serious and Status Offenders Session 401: RS245
Structural Limits on State Power to Police Corporate Crime Session 371: RS216
Structured Decision Making in Juvenile Courts Session 469: RS285
Student Response to Failures in School-Level Control Mechanisms Session 136: RS101
Students Re-Inventing Justice: Perspectives on Theories, Innovations and Research Session 533: RS322
Students' and Parents' Views of School Violence: Understanding the Problem and Implications for Prevention Session 571: RS359
A Study of Short- and Long-Term Effects of Family Characteristics on Victimization Risk Session 147: PP36
A Study on Violence at School in the U.S. and Korea Session 354: TC43
Studying Domestic Violence Through Homicide Research Records 1910-1930 Session 591: RS377
Studying Female Resistance to Male Violence Session 499: RS303
Studying the Impact of Sentencing Commissions on Racial Disparity: Evidence From Maryland Session 115: PP23
Subcultural Influences on Deviant Behavior: Oppositional and Suberranean Values Session 594: RS380
Subcultural Values and Violent Delinquency: A Multi-Level Analysis in Middle Schools Session 517: PP122
Substance Abuse and Criminal Specialization in an Arrestee Sample {Poster Location 57} Session 358: PS1
Substance Abuse and Dependency Disorders in the Criminal Justice System: A Test of the Simple Screening Instrument's (SSI) Reliability and Validity in Screening Recent Arrestees and Incoming Prison Populations Session 555: RS344
Substance Abuse Treatment Experience Over Five Years for Treated and Untreated Prisoners: Impact on Relapse and Recidivism Session 68: RS54
Substance Use Among Rural Adolescents Session 435: RS268
Substance Use, Mental Health, and Partner-Violence Among Young Adults Session 143: PP32
Suicides in Texas Jails Session 392: RS237
Super Max: From a Female Perspective Session 168: RS116
Supermax Prisons: Myths, Realities, and the Politics of Punishment in American Society Session 214: RS152
Support for Alternative Sanctions: The Effect of Age on Attitudes Toward Sentencing Session 212: RS150
Support for Regulation and the Construction of Corporate Crimes Session 22: RS19
Supra National Public Policymaking in Criminal Justice: The Potential Role of Academics in Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 502: RS306
Survey of Community Service Sentencing in Texas Session 264: PP60
Survey Research and the Internet Session 605: RS391
Surveying the Networks: A Comparison of Responses From Senior ASC Women and Division on Women and Crime Faculty Session 426: RS259
Survivor-Oriented Response Design: Planning Domestic Violence and Sexual Trauma Response Services Based on Survivors' Needs {Poster Location 45} Session 358: PS1
A Systematic Review of Drug Court Effects on Recidivism Session 416: PP90
A Systematic Review of Psychosocial Interventions for Personality Disorders Session 444: PP99
A Systematic Review of Research on the Effects of Drug Courts on Offending Session 261: PP57
Systemic Social Disorganization Theory -- An Empirical Test Session 594: RS380

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