The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
Race and Legal Handgun Concealment in Southeast Louisiana: A Spatial Examination Session 596: RS382
Race and Sex Differences in the Impact of Youth Employment on Problem Behavior Session 218: PP45
Race and Social Class Differences in Perceptions and Use of the Police in Chicago Session 318: RS193
Race Based Policing and DePolicing: A Research Note on the Potential for Reactivity Session 380: RS225
Race, Child Protection, and Criminal Involvement Session 252: RS171
Race, Region, and Death Sentencing in Illinois, 1988-1997 Session 483: PP112
Race, Single-Mother Households, and Delinquency: A Further Test of Power-Control Theory Session 254: RS173
Race-ing to Control Space?: Community/Police Relations in a Latino/a Barrio Session 184: RS132
Race-Specific Gender Inequality and Female Homicide Rates in U.S. Cities Session 551: RS340
Race/Ethnicity and Victim-Offender Relationships in Miami Aggravated Assaults Session 27: RS24
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Pretrial Release Decisions and Outcomes: A Comparison of Hispanic, Black, and White Felony Arrestees Session 120: PP28
Racial Disparities in Substance Use Trajectories Among Adolescents and Young Adults: The Role of Neighborhood Context Session 299: PP67
Racial Disparity in Felony Sentencing Re-Contextualizing a Community Concern as a Research Problem Session 464: RS280
Racial Profiling and Police Vehicle Stops: The Cincinnati Data Session 20: RS17
Racial Profiling in the Retail Store: The State of Affairs Regarding Stops for Shoplifting Session 20: RS17
Racial Profiling Practices in Law Enforcement: An Intra-Racial Phenomenon? Session 20: RS17
Racial Profiling, Racial Bias and Issues of Methodology and Interpretation Session 464: RS280
Racial Profiling: a Comparison of Different Measures Session 380: RS225
Racial Profiling: An Overview of Both Criminological Research and Legal Appellate Case Analysis of the Issue Session 380: RS225
Racial Profiling: We Know It Exists But Are We Asking the Right People Session 380: RS225
Racial Segregation of Schools and Communities: Implications for Social Disorganization and School Violence Session 149: PP38
Racial Segregation, Disadvantage and Crime: A Comparison of Neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon and Columbus, Ohio Session 203: RS141
Racial Typification and Support for Harsh Punitive Policies Session 28: RS25
Racialized Identities and the Formation of Black Street Gangs in Los Angeles Session 592: RS378
The Radical and Critical Foundation of Peacemaking Criminology Session 105: RS81
A Randomized Study of the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: Results From the Three-Year Follow-Up {Poster Location 51} Session 358: PS1
Rank and File: The Position of Female Minority Officers Session 103: RS79
Rape Victims' Decision Making: Multilevel Analyses Using Cricis Center Data Session 59: PP8
The Rates of Criminal Victimization Among Blacks and Whites by the Race of the Offender Session 252: RS171
Re-Entry Success, Social Support and Social Networks Among Ex-Prisoners Session 327: RS202
Re-Examining the Relationship Between Unemployment Rates and Crime Rates From 1966 to 2000 in Taiwan Session 203: RS141
A Re-interpretation of Social Theory from the Perspective of Hermeneutics Session 313: TC33
Re-Inventing Information Security and Law at the University of North Texas Session 189: TC3
Re-Inventing Justice: A Case Study of Elite Crime in Higher Education Session 44: RS41
Re-Inventing The Civil Rights Perspective On Hate Crime and Diversity Issues Session 248: RS167
Reaching Out to Stop DUI: A Prevention Program Aimed at Spanish Speaking Migrants Session 565: RS353
Reaching the Consumer: How Can Criminology More Effectively Impact Practice? Session 297: PP65
Real-Time Automated Parole Risk Assessment: Confirming the Importance of Dynamic Predictors of Risk Session 263: PP59
Reasonable Doubt and Juror Deliberation: Creating an Integrated Model of Jury Decisions {Poster Location 72} Session 358: PS1
Reassessing the Notion of Officer Discretion: The Impact of the Citizen Session 500: RS304
A Reassessment of Minority Overrepresentation in Connecticut's Juvenile Justice System: Progress? Session 177: RS125
Recent Findings in Neurophysiology: Implications for Forensic Evaluations Session 421: PP95
Recent Innovations in Multiple Regression Studies of Federal Sentencing Decisions Session 445: PP100
Recent Trends in Female-to-Male Illegal Drug and Alcohol Use, 1979-1999 Session 369: RS214
Recidivism Among Juveniles Released From the Texas Youth Commission in 1997 and 1998 Session 79: RS65
RECIDIVISM Methods to Measure the Judicial Career After Release Session 288: RS186
Recidivism of Violent and Non-Violent Offenders Session 461: RS277
Reconceptualizing International Organized Crime Session 384: RS229
Reconsidering the Relationship Between Race and Self-Reported Crime Session 28: RS25
Reconstructing Geographic Areas for Analysis of Homicide Rates in Small Populations Session 566: RS354
Reconstructing Justice in a Postcolony: Considerations in the Case Study of Nigeria Session 272: TC24
Reconstructing Justice: Rape in Jordan and Palestine Session 374: RS219
Reconstructing Justice: Rape in Jordan and Palestine Session 471: RS287
Recovering From Structural Violence: The Case of September 11th Session 164: RS112
Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Female Law Enforcement Officers Session 400: RS244
Reducing Firearm Related Violence: Police Practices in Containing Illicit Firearms in Asia Session 596: RS382
Reducing Firearms Violence in Detroit: The Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative (SACSI) Session 159: RS107
Reducing Firearms Violence in Rochester Session 159: RS107
Reducing Firearms Violence in St. Louis: The SACSI Ceasefire Program Session 159: RS107
Reducing Illegal Gun Markets in Los Angeles: Supply Side Strategies Session 5: RS2
Reengineering the Police: A Process for Organizational Transformation in Law Enforcement Session 346: PP87
Reentry and Social Networks: Examining the Role of Mentoring in Increasing Social Capital Session 367: RS212
A Reevaluation of Homicide: Using Disaggregated Data and Spatial Analysis Session 567: RS355
A Reexamination of Sentencing and the Crack/Cocaine Debate Session 28: RS25
Referrals to Juvenile Court: An Analysis of Judicial Pocessing in Two Cities Session 246: RS165
Reflections on Criminal Justice Research Session 217: PP44
Reforming Parole: New Thinking About This Important Component of the Criminal Justice System Session 66: RS52
Regulating Coercion in Restorative Justice Session 52: PP1
The Regulation of Rice Wine in the Downtown Eastside: A Critical Assessment Session 552: RS341
Regulatory Violations in Nursing Homes: A State-Level Analysis Session 552: RS341
Rehabilitiation of Non-Violent Drug Offenders: Analysis and Proposal {Poster Location 47} Session 358: PS1
Reincarceration in Japan: A Major Effect -- Now Surfacing -- of the U.S. Faith for Imprisonment Session 214: RS152
Reintegrating High Risk Youth Into Educational Settings: A Proposed Model Session 463: RS279
Reintegration Program Dropout Rates: A Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Community Program Session 289: RS187
Reinventing Justice for Communities Session 459: PP111
Reinventing Justice for Offenders Session 277: PP62
Reinventing Justice for Victims Session 92: PP20
Reinventing Justice: Research on Police Applicant Background Investigations Session 504: RS308
Reinventing the Justice Paradigm: Drug Court Programs and the Integration of the Rehabilitation Model Session 47: RS44
Reinvention or Replication of Juvenile Justice? Youth and Adult Perceptions of Teen Court Session 581: RS369
Relation Between Developmental Maturity and Measures of Psychopathy: Intial Findings From a Cross-Sequential Study Session 589: RS375
Relational Decision Making in Female Delinquents: Implications for Restorative Justice Session 450: PP105
Relationship Between Age and Offending: Evidence From Federal Prisoners Session 88: PP16
The Relationship Between Arrestee Deference Levels and Arrestee Injury: Police Use of Force Explained Differently Session 577: RS365
The Relationship Between First Criminal Activity and Demographic and Behavioral Characteristics of Adolescents Entering Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Session 383: RS228
The Relationship Between Incarceration and Crime Decline: A Case Study of New York City, 1993-2000 Session 326: RS201
Relationship Between Race, Ethnicity, and Sentencing Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Sentencing Research Session 174: RS122
The Relationship Between Race, Self-Control, Social Bonding, and Delinquency: Is There Evidence of Cumulative Disadvamtage? Session 252: RS171
The Relationship of Bullying to Other Delinquent Behavior Session 67: RS53
Relationship of Household Gun Ownership to Firearm and Non-Firearm Suicide Rates in Wisconsin Communities Session 378: RS223
The Relative Contributions of Court Interventions, Changing Marital Status, and Informal Social Controls to Delaying Re-Arrest for Domestic Violence {Poster Location 32} Session 358: PS1
Relative Degree of Male and Female Conformity to Delinquent Peer Influence Revisited Session 446: PP101
The Reliability and Validity of Questions Measuring Self-Reported Student-on-Student Victimization Session 404: RS248
The Reliability and Validity of Self Report Crime of Among Drug Offenders {Poster Location 15} Session 358: PS1
Remand in Custody -- A Systemic Analysis of a Growing Problem Session 263: PP59
Repeat Domestic Violence in the City of Newarl: Prevalence and Policy Opportunities Session 542: RS331
Repeatable and Emergent Forms: Searching for Crime Spaces and Crime Places Session 488: PP117
Report on the Special Needs of Incarcerated Girls Session 260: PP56
Reporting Rape: Have Things Really Changed? Session 374: RS219
Rescuing Retributivism Session 520: PP125
Research on the Line: The Pleasures and Perils of Doing Research as a Researcher Inside a Correctional Agency Session 140: RS105
Research Project on Fraud Prevention Training for Senior Citizens in the Town of Mamaroneck/Village of Larchmont Session 9: RS6
The Resettlement of Short-Term Prisoners Session 508: RS312
Residential Burglary and Residential Robbery: A Patterns in Crime Comparative Analysis Session 78: RS64
Residential Networks Among Adult Male Gang Members Session 57: PP6
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for Women in Prison: One-year Post-Release Outcomes Session 68: RS54
Residual Tensions of Empire: The Judicial Construction of Contemporary Metis Identities Session 385: RS230
Responding to School Violence: An Analysis of Legal Remedies Session 571: RS359
Restorative Community Justice: The Potential to Resolve Feminist Dilemmas and Advanced Feminist Goals Session 258: PP54
Restorative Justice Conferencing With Youthful Offenders: Effect of Group Assignment on Time Until Failure Session 259: PP55
Restorative Justice, Restitution, and the Crime of Genocide: Implications for the 1915 Armenian Massacres Session 349: TC38
Restorative Justice: A New Mission for Probation Session 264: PP60
Restorative Youth Justice, Civil Society and the State Session 450: PP105
Restorative Youth Justice: Insights From Evaluation of the Referral Orders and Youth Offender Panel Pilots in England and Wales Session 417: PP91
Restoring Justice for Juveniles: A Critical Analysis of the E.P.P.I.C. Initiative Session 201: RS139
Restructuring Child Welfare Services: An Analysis of Four Child Welfare Models in Florida Session 213: RS151
The Restructuring of Public Housing and Murder Rates in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York: An Exploratory Analysis Session 485: PP114
Retaliatory Conflict Among Drug Sellers: Crime as a Self-Perpetruating Process Session 559: RS347
Rethinking Community Reintegration: From Pie in the Sky to Coherent Strategy? Session 536: RS325
Rethinking CPTED: Through Medical Anthropology in the Twenty-First Century Session 250: RS169
Rethinking Criminal Jury Instructions: Technology, Learning Styles, and Juror Comprehension Session 544: RS333
Rethinking Penal Policy: Towards a Systems Approach Session 521: PP126
Rethinking the IQ-Delinquency Relationship: A Longitudinal Analysis of Competing Theoretical Explanations Session 181: RS129
Returning Home: Family Support and Prisoner Reentry Session 257: PP53
Returning Home: Individual Factors in Prisoner Reintegration Session 257: PP53
Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry {Poster Location 14} Session 358: PS1
Review of Recent Innovations in Hate Crime Prevention Session 347: TC36
Review of the Relationship Between Broken Family and Delinquency: A Meta Analysis Session 440: RS273
Revisiting and Reassessing Conventional Wisdom: Attitudes About Domestic Violence in Rural and Urban Communities Session 221: PP48
Revisiting Hedonic Calculus: Cross-National Evidence of the Relationship Between Perceived Sanctions, Low Self-Control, and Deviance Session 296: PP64
Revisiting the Moral Domain Session 563: RS351
Revisiting the Rise of the New Female Offender: Examining the Relationship Between Gender, Drugs, and Violent Crime Session 395: RS239
The Rise of Therapeutic Justice and the Decline of Reintegrative Community Policing Session 75: RS61
Risk Differentiation and Intensive Supervision: A Meaningful Union? Session 508: RS312
Risk-Factor-Profile Instrument: Identifying Children on the Path to Violent Delinquency Session 451: PP106
Risking Incorporation by the State: Reforming the Federal Prisons for Women in Canada Session 398: RS242
Risks of Intimate Partner Homicide According to Relationship Status and State Session 199: RS137
Risky Lifestyles: Emergency Department Utilization Among a Cohort of Homicide Arrestees and Victims Session 421: PP95
The Road Less Traveled: Citizen Resistance of Police Directives Session 500: RS304
The Role of Education in Intimate Partner Homicides Session 220: PP47
Role of Family and Community Prevention Programs in Delinquency Prevention Session 19: RS16
The Role of Family Processes in the Prediction of Health-Compromising and Violent Behaviors: An SEM Utilizing Longitudinal Data From High-Risk African-American Adolescents Session 61: PP10
The Role of Gang Motivation in High Risk for Violence Situations Session 89: PP17
The Role of Gender in Criminal Justice Processing Session 331: RS206
The Role of Law Enforcement in Public School Safety: A National Survey Session 180: RS128
The Role of Law Enforcement Within a Comprehensive Community Strategy Session 534: RS323
The Role of Modern Policing in Failing African States Session 468: RS284
The Role of Non-Custodial Parenting on Children's Delinquent Behavior Session 254: RS173
The Role of Religiosity in Explaining Juvenile Drug Use Session 29: RS26
The Role of Religiousness in the Opposition to Drug Use Session 262: PP58
The Role of Sample Attrition in Studying the Longitudinal Relationship Between Age and Crime Session 306: PP74
The Role of School and Peers in Overcoming Early Family Adversity Session 143: PP32
The Role of Sexual Competition in Violent Events Among Adolescent Males Session 422: PP96
The Role of Song in the Expurgating of Shame Session 65: RS51
The Role of Violence in UK Drug Markets Session 205: RS143
Ronin: A Police Officer's Fall Into the Federal Correctional System Session 278: RS176
The Roots of Governmental Corruption in China: An Organizational Perspective Session 570: RS358
ROUNDTABLE: Establishing Mentoring Relationships: Female Academics Strengthening Our Futures Session 267: TC19
ROUNDTABLE: Gender and Justice (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 268: TC20
ROUNDTABLE: Teen Court: Impact on Varying Style on Attitudes to Compliance Session 233: TC17
Routine Activities and Sexual Assault: An Analysis of Prevention Techniques Utilized by Colleges and Universities in the United States Session 606: RS392
Routine Activities, Social Bonds and Campus Crime Session 108: RS84
Rural-Urban Differences in Arrestees' Perceived Needs for Substance-Specific Treatment Session 505: RS309

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