The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
A Paradigm Shift in Police Domestic Violence Intervention: From Specialized Units to a Full Spectrum Police Response Session 430: RS263
Paradigms Lost: The Current Crisis in Second Amendment Scholarship Session 368: RS213
Parental Efficacy, Self-Control, and Delinquency: An Empirical Test of a General Theory of Crime Session 541: RS330
Parental Liability and Truancy: Is It Effective? Is It Fair? Session 254: RS173
Parolees Perceptions of Their Parole Officers: It's Role in Successful Reentry Session 585: RS371
Partitioning the Growth in State Prison Populations, 1983-2000: An Analysis of Ten States Session 287: RS185
Partners in Crime: Russian Organized Crime and the State Session 511: RS315
Pastel Fascism: Reflections of Social Control Techniques Used With Women in Prison Session 278: RS176
Patches of Dystopia Within Democratic Space Session 428: RS261
Pathological Gambling, Drug Abuse, and Criminal Behavior Session 503: RS307
Pathways Into White-Collar Crime Session 76: RS62
Pathways to Becoming a Serious Youthful Offender Session 253: RS172
Patterns From Multiple Indicators of Illicit Drug Use in Queensland, Australia: Implications for Effective Illicit Drug Use Interventuions Session 210: RS148
Patterns of Help-Seeking Among Battered Women From Two Inner City Communities Session 202: RS140
Patterns of Murder in Death Penalty Cases: Not Necessarily What You Think Session 165: RS113
Patterns of Repeated Involvement in Violent Incidents of Police Officers: The Case of Switzerland Session 547: RS336
Patuxent Institution: An American Experiment in Corrections Session 152: PP41
"Payback's a Bitch": The White Supremacist Response to the 9/11 Terrorists Attacks Session 242: RS161
Peacemaking as a Mediation Process Session 201: RS139
Peacemaking Criminology Aproaches to Crime Prevention: A Review of Successful Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Strategies Session 105: RS81
Peeking Behind the Backstage Curtain: A New Approach to the Study of Prosecutorial Discretion Session 601: RS387
Peer Abuse and Delinquency Session 295: PP63
Peer Influences on Property Crime, Violence, and Drug Use: Congruence and Developmental Timing Session 86: PP14
Penal Harm Embedded Within Prison/Jail Health Care: Individual, Family and Community Consequences Session 243: RS162
Penal States and Economic Governmentality Session 321: RS196
Penalty and the Politics of Representation, Post 9-11 Session 242: RS161
Penn State's Doctoral Program in Crime, Law and Justice {Poster Location 38} Session 358: PS1
Pennsylvania's Boot Camp Offender Survey: The Initial Findings on Offender Characteristics and Attitudinal Changes Session 122: PP30
Perceived Racial and Ethnic Composition of Neighborhood and Support for Punitive Measures Session 182: RS130
Perceptions of Domestic Violence in Russia Session 514: RS318
Perceptions of Labor Relations and Managerial Decision Making by Police Chiefs Session 403: RS247
Perceptions of Male Privilege and the Physical, Psychological and Economic Abuse of Economically Disadvantaged Minority Women Session 546: RS335
Perceptions of Minority and Female Opportunities for Job Advancement: Prison Staff and Beliefs About Equal Opportunities Session 453: PP108
Perceptions of Police and Safety in a Small Town Session 490: PP119
Perceptions of Violence in the Emergency Department Session 215: RS153
Persistent Offending and Persistent Victimization: A Comparison of Psycho-Social Risk Factors Session 100: RS76
Personal and Career Characteristics of Prison Wardens in Virginia Session 548: RS337
Personal Assessments Adolescent Suicide Victims Session 392: RS237
Perspective of a Current Fulbright: Personal and Professional Rewards Session 194: TC8
Perspectives on School Violence and Safe Schools Policies Session 571: RS359
Perspectives on School Violence and School Policies Session 136: RS101
Philippine and Singapore Perspectives on the Renewal of Justice Session 272: TC24
Picasso as a Criminologist: The Abstract Art of Racial Profiling Session 452: PP107
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Newsmagazine Cover Photos of Children as Ideology Session 17: RS14
Picturing Community Factors That Make Residents Feel Unsafe {Poster Location 4} Session 358: PS1
Place Space and Crime Revisited: Targets and Offenders Converge in Violent Index Offenses in Chicago Session 304: PP72
Plea Agendas in Federal Sentencing: Quantittive and Qualittive Evidence From Three District courts Session 115: PP23
Plea Bargain or Trial?: Effects of Evidence on Three Legal Professionals' Expectations of Rape Case Disposition Session 325: RS200
Poland in the Post-Communist Era: Systemic Changes and the New Face of Crime Session 292: RS190
Police Accountability in Post-9/11 America Session 586: RS372
Police Bureaucracies: Debunking the Myth of Singularity {Poster Location 30} Session 358: PS1
Police Chiefs Panel Session 33: RS30
Police Culture: A Product of Policing or Society? Session 133: RS98
Police Discretion and Traffic Enforcement: A Government of Men? Session 500: RS304
Police Effectiveness in Reducing Crime, Fear of Crime, and Disorder Session 217: PP44
Police Influence in Policy Development Session 468: RS284
Police Legal Advising and Risk Management: Innovative Approaches to Police Liability Management Session 403: RS247
Police Mentoring: Moving Toward Police Legitimacy Session 347: TC36
Police Officer's Attitude Toward Domestic Violence: Real Police Work or Low-Level Dispute? Session 106: RS82
Police Officers' Attitudes Toward Domestic Violence: Real Police Work or Low-Level Dispute? Session 184: RS132
The Police Perspective on Sex Offender Orders: A Review of Policy and Practice in England and Wales Session 312: TC32
Police Problem-Solving and the Nature of Juvenile Interventions in Four Cities Session 246: RS165
Police Recording of Crime Incidents Session 480: RS296
Police Research in Slovenia: Political and Cultural Obstacles Session 381: RS226
Police Satisfaction and the Structural Determinants of Collective Efficacy: Formal Contributions to Informal Social Control Session 303: PP71
Police Use of Deadly Force: Law's Impact on Policy and Practice Session 586: RS372
The Police Use of Force in Six Cities: Officers, Suspects and Situations Within the Continuum Perspective Session 577: RS365
Police Victimization by Violent Suspects in Korea Session 381: RS226
Policing for Securitisation {Poster Location 76} Session 358: PS1
Policing Gangs in an Era of Community Policing: Structural and Strategic Impediments to Change Session 346: PP87
Policing Identifications: Black or Blue? Session 12: RS9
Policing International Terrorism: Law Enforcement 9-11 Session 343: PP84
Policing International Terrorism: Options Session 564: RS352
Policing Juveniles: The Impact of Officer and Situational Characteristics on the Use of Authority and Provision of Support Session 112: RS88
Policing Race and Gender: An Analysis of Prime Suspect 2 Session 239: RS158
Policing Small Communities: Exploring the Relationship Between Structural Characteristics and Agency Styles Session 285: RS183
Policy Analysis: An Integral Approach Session 193: TC7
Policy on Crime on Measures and Punishments to Deprive People of Their Freedom: Positions Held by the Candidates for the Presidential Elections of 2002 in France Session 408: RS252
Policy Recommendations to Improve the Police Response to People With Mental Illness Session 139: RS104
A Political Geography of Civil Abatement and Gang Injunction Strategies in Southern California Session 89: PP17
The Politics of Reconciliation: The Competing Demands of Human Rights, Justice, Truth, and Reconciliation in Ghana Session 408: RS252
Polydrug Use: Is the Picture Changing? Session 337: PP78
A Pooled Cross- Sectional Time Series Analysis of State Corrections Expenditures From 1974 to 1996 Session 548: RS337
Portable Drug Treatment for the Juvenile Justice System Session 411: RS255
A Portrait of Reentry in Maryland Session 257: PP53
A Portrayal of Gay and Lesbian Battering in Contemporary Abuse Textbooks: A Content Analysis Session 204: RS142
Possible Problems With Standard Surveys of Gun Ownership Session 425: RS258
Post Cold War Political Espionage: From the Rosenbergs to Hanssen Session 107: RS83
Post Hoc Evaluation of Sex Offender Treatment: A Collaborative Approach Using Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Session 373: RS218
The Postmodern Jury: From Representation to Deliberation Session 520: PP125
Potential Sources of Observer Bias and the Face Validity of Observational Data Session 605: RS391
A Potential Theoretical Explanation For Hate Crimes Session 248: RS167
Poverty, Paranoia, and the Characteristics of Chicago Homicide Offenders: 1870-1930 Session 591: RS377
Power, Corruption and the Legal Process in China Session 489: PP118
Power-Control and the Gender-Crime Relationship: Does Low Self-Control Intervene? Session 336: PP77
Practicalities and Problems Surrounding Tenure Session 34: RS31
The Prague Police: Adopting Democratic Principles Session 224: PP51
Predicting Crime Type: The Effect of Individual Characteristics on Patterns of Specialization and Escalation Session 478: RS294
Predicting Lethal Versus Non-Lethal Outcomes: The Impact of Offender and Offense Characteristics on Violent Incidents Session 165: RS113
Predicting Patterns in Domestic Hate Crime Session 101: RS77
Predicting Police Stops: Integrating Self Reports and Community Data in a Multilevel Model {Poster Location 12} Session 358: PS1
Predicting Retention in Drug Court: The Effects of Static and Dynamic Factors on Program Completion Session 104: RS80
Predicting the Deviant Behavior: A Sociological Test Session 253: RS172
Predicting the Occurrence of Stalking in Relationships Characterized by Domestic Violence Session 204: RS142
Predicting the Risk of Reassault Among Batterer Program Participants: Does Race Matter? Session 281: RS179
Predicting Violent Behavior in Adolescent Cannabis Users: Correlates of and Changes in Social Environment Over Time {Poster Location 8} Session 358: PS1
Prediction of Recidivism in Adult First-Time Offenders Session 327: RS202
Predictive Efficacy of the Community Risk/Needs Assessment Instrument Session 476: RS292
The Predictive Validity of the Youthful Offender Level of Service Inventory Session 79: RS65
Predictors of High Level Physical Aggression From 17 to 42 Months After Birth Session 306: PP74
Predictors of Program Completion and Recidivism at the Bronx Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court Session 281: RS179
Predictors of Rape Myth Acceptance Among Criminology and Non-Criminology Majors Session 131: RS96
Predictors of Recidivism for Women Prisoners Session 399: RS243
Predictors of Success in Drug Court Treatment: Findings From Four New York State Adult Drug Courts Session 261: PP57
Prefrontal Dysfunction and Impulsive Aggression: A Meta-Analysis Session 181: RS129
Pregnancy and Birth Control Among Drug Users: Reproductive Conduct Norms Among Inner-City Distressed Households Session 335: PP76
Preliminary Findings from an Evaluation of Youth Handgun Violence Prevention Programs Session 596: RS382
Preliminary Findings From the Safe Schools/Healthy Students National Evaluation: Perceptions of Safety on School Grounds {Poster Location 28} Session 358: PS1
A Preliminary Report on the Validity of Self-Reported Tobacco and Marijuana Use in the NHSDA Session 222: PP49
The Presentation of the Militia Movement in the Media Session 114: PP22
A Presentation of the NRC Report: Informing America's Policy on Illegal Drugs: What We Don't Know Keeps Hurting Us Session 420: PP94
Presidential Address: Reinventing Justice: Theory, Innovations, Research Session 526: PP131
Presidential Justice Award Session 526: PP131
The Prevalence and Nature of Bullying at School Session 161: RS109
Prevalence and Patterns of Violent Sexual Victimization Among Delinquent Females Session 560: RS348
Preventing Repeat Victimization: A Systematic Review Session 444: PP99
The Prevention and Control of State-Corporate Crime: Lessons From the Enron Scanal Session 371: RS216
Principal Components and Best Practices in Juvenile Drug Courts Session 64: RS50
Prior Sexual Abuse Reported by Male Inmates in Turkey Session 325: RS200
Prison Chaplains' Affective Responses to Work Session 453: PP108
Prison Disciplinary Violations: Toward an Integrated Model Session 81: RS67
Prison Research Priorities: A Comparative Perspective From the United States, Canada and France Session 80: RS66
The Prison-Crime Relationship in Low Income communities Session 94: RS70
Prisoners of War: African-American Female Incarceration at the End of the 80s Session 431: RS264
Private Industry Behind Bars: Does Work Work? {Poster Location 39} Session 358: PS1
Private Prisons and the American Dream Session 585: RS371
Privatising Violence: Mercenaries, States and the Sub-Contracting of Human Rights Obligations Session 132: RS97
Proactive Approach to Family-Based Crime Prevention: Family Preservation vs. Multi-Component Programs Session 347: TC36
Probation Violations and Social Bonds Session 538: RS327
The Problem With Enron: Criminological Narratives and Cultural Scripts Session 22: RS19
Problematic Passages to Adult Status: The Effect of Early Adulthood on Young Adult Educational and Occupational Attainment Session 415: PP89
Problems in the Justice System Revealed Through the Work of Innocence Projects Session 294: RS192
Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Rural Domestic Violence Court Session 221: PP48
Process Evaluation of Juvenile Intensive Aftercare Program in Mobile, Alabama Session 30: RS27
Process Evaluation of the Reentry Court Pilot Program Session 289: RS187
A Process Evaluation of Victim Services 2000 Session 537: RS326
A Profile of HIV/AIDS-Related Issues Among Female Offenders in New York State Session 398: RS242
Profiles in Terrorism: A Comparison and Contrast of International and Domestic Terrorist Groups Session 375: RS220
Profiles of Youths Involved in Jurisdictional Waiver in Maryland Session 487: PP116
Profiling the Profilers: An Exploratory Analysis Session 575: RS363
Profiling U.S. Homicide Session 304: PP72
Program Analysis of Esuba: Women Helping Women Turn Abuse Around Session 431: RS264
Program Evaluation as Outcomes Monitoring and Outcomes Management Session 475: RS291
Program Retention and an Incarcerated Population: An Assessment of Individual Level Factors and Perceptual Determinants of Program Completion Session 579: RS367
Progress Report on assessment of Organized Crime in Central Asia Session 570: RS358
The Progression of DomesticViolence Cases through Misdemeanor Court, a Longitudinal Analysis Session 221: PP48
Project Overview Session 516: PP121
Projecting the Life Course for the Marijuana/Blunts Generation Session 451: PP106
Projet Management and Coordination Issues and Experiences Session 190: TC4
Proliferation of Black Gangs in Los Angeles County {Poster Location 25} Session 358: PS1
The Promise of 21st Century Technology and the Police Organization Session 486: PP115
Promising Practices Guide: Batterer Prevention and Intervention Programs Session 607: RS393
Propensity-Induced, Life-Style Dependent and Situationally Limited Adolescent Offenders: Exploring the Interaction Effects Between Individual Risk, Life-Style Risk and Neighbourhood Risk Session 419: PP93
Proposition 36: History and Preliminary Research Findings of California's Mandated Drug Treatment Legislation in San Diego County Session 505: RS309
Pros and Cons of Collecting Data for Life Course Trajectories Session 62: PP11
Prosecuting Juveniles as Adults in New York State: A Contextual Analysis Session 372: RS217
Prosecutorial Charging Decisions in Sexual Assault Cases: Examining the Impact of a Specialized Prosecution Unit Session 32: RS29
Prosecutorial Decision-Making in Maryland: A Study of the Specific Factors Which Influence Prosecutors Session 600: RS386
Prosecutorial Discretion and Real Offense Sentencing Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: An Analysis of Relevant Conduct Session 555: RS344
Prosecutorial Discretion: Organizational, Inter-Organizational and Extra-Organizational Constraints Session 601: RS387
Prosecutors as Claims-Makers in the Ritual Abuse Cases of 1983-1995 Session 414: PP88
Providers and Philosophies in Batterer Intervention: A Review of Changing Paradigms Session 607: RS393
Psychometric Characteristics and Short-Term Stability of the PCL:YV and Its Relation to the Youth Psychopathic Inventory Session 589: RS375
Public and Private Corrections: A Comparison of Civil Rights Violations Session 351: TC40
Public Confidence iun the Administration of the Death Penalty in Texas: An Assessment of Public Attitudes and the Need for Evaluation Session 16: RS13
Public Knowledge of Executions: Results of a National Survey Session 16: RS13
Public Opinion of Police: Determinants of Citizen Satisfaction of Police Services Session 139: RS104
Public Opinion on Liberty as a Core American Value: Crime Control Versus Due Process Session 387: RS232
Public Opinions About the Police: Experiences From Eastern and Western Europe Session 449: PP104
Public Perceptions of Fair Punishment for Hate Crimes Session 302: PP70
Public Response to Prison Siting: Perceptions of Impact on the Community Session 326: RS201
Public Services and the Willingness to Enact Control: Expanding Our Understanding of Neighborhood Crime Rates Session 207: RS145
Public Support for Correctional Rehabilitation: Change or Consistency? Session 518: PP123
Public Support for Faith-Based Correctional Programs: Should Sacred Places Serve Civic Purposes? {Poster Location 29} Session 358: PS1
Punishing Identities: The Stories of Capital Jurors Session 483: PP112
Punishing the Punished: A Critical Analysis of the 21st Century Child-Saving Movement Session 407: RS251
Punishing the Victim or Practicing Tough Love: Exploring Police Officer Justifications for Using Dual Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases Session 106: RS82
Punishment and Gender in Hawaii: Women's Pathways to Prison in the Aloha State Session 168: RS116
Punishment and Mass Incarceration: A Roundtable Discussion on Crime, Policy and Politics Session 270: TC22
Punishment and the Postmodern Session 409: RS253
Punishment and the Postmodern Session 585: RS371
Punishment as Paperwork: White-Collar Offenders Under Community Supervision Session 48: RS45
'Punishment or Justice': The Notion of 'Community' and the National Probation Service of England and Wales Session 495: RS299
Punitive Attitudes: The Relative Contributions of Crime Salience and Economic Insecurity Session 50: RS47
Punitivity in Germany Session 187: TC1
Punitivity in Japan Session 187: TC1
Punitivity in the United States Session 187: TC1

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