The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
Oakeshott and American Criminology Session 523: PP128
Obsessive Security and the Emergence of a Police Society Session 428: RS261
Obtaining Sensitive Information From a Wary Population: A Comparison of Telephone and Fave-to-Face Surveys of Substance Use and Treatment Needs Among Families Receiving Government Assistance Session 411: RS255
Offender Interaction With Victims in Homicide: An Analysis of Crime Scene Behaviours Session 585: RS371
Offender Reentry and Community Response: The Ex-Prisoner's Dilemma Session 60: PP9
Offender' Treatment Programs for Battered Women Arrested for Domestic Violence Session 590: RS376
Official Status and the Switness of Criminal Arrest: A Chinese Case of the Impact of Social Position on Criminal Justice Session 553: RS342
Old and New Terrorism: A Theoretical Explanation Session 375: RS220
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray) as a Police Force: An Overview of Research Findings and Policy Session 577: RS365
On Being Informed About the Death Penalty: A Test of the Marshall Hypothesis Session 206: RS144
On the Future of the WEB Du Bois Fellowship Program Session 467: RS283
On the Origins of the WEB Du Bois Fellowship Program Session 467: RS283
On the Relationship Between Violent Recidivism and Violent Death Session 100: RS76
On the State Uses of Memories of Terror: Deterring Political Participation in Democratic Argentina Session 11: RS8
One-Year Outcomes for Delaware Drug Court Clients Session 532: RS321
Only the Lonely: Crime and the Collective Lonliness of Contemporary Society Session 437: RS270
Onset of Alcohol Use: A Comparison Between Early Drinkers and Non-Drinkers in the Continuity of Aggression and Delinquency From Preschool to Adolescence Session 436: RS269
The Ontology of Crime: On the Construction of the Real, the Image, and the Hyper-Real in Criminological Theory Session 170: RS118
Open-Air Drug Markets in Jersey City, NJ Session 406: RS250
Opened Eyes and Closed Doors: How Juvenile Justice Involvement Affects School Performance Session 284: RS182
Operationalizing Academic Justice: A Second Conceptual and Methodological Report Session 502: RS306
An Opportunity Model of Adolescent Delinquency Session 446: PP101
An Opportunity Model of Police Homicide Victimization Session 224: PP51
Oppressed Women: Victimization, Marginalization and the Criminal Justice System Session 311: TC31
Organizational Factors That Affect Police Participation in Hate Crime Reporting in Large U.S. Cities {Poster Location 11} Session 358: PS1
Organized Crime in the Historical Data Set and Research Done for the 1919 Ilinois Crime Survey Session 591: RS377
Organized Crime: A Study in the City of Chennai Session 384: RS229
Organized Religion as Organized Crime Session 77: RS63
Organizing to Manage Risks in Law Enforcement Session 403: RS247
ORP -- A Community Agency Approach to Comprehensive Intervention Session 35: RS32
OSHA's "Recommendations for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in Late-Night Retail Establishments" -- Do They "Work" Session 552: RS341
Other Than the Fact of Prior Conviction: Apprendi v. New Jersey and Sentence Enhancements Based on Juvenile Adjudications Session 175: RS123
The 'Other' John Smith: Understanding Identity Theft Victimization Through Individual Experiences Session 173: RS121
Out in the Midwest: Examining Homophobia in the Police Force Session 547: RS336
An Outcome Analysis of a New Jersey Day Reporting Center Session 30: RS27
Outcome-Based Program Area Budgeting Session 561: RS349
Outcomes and Cost-effectiveness of Drug Courts in Kentucky Session 532: RS321
Outcomes of a Reintegration Program: Comparison of Completers and Dropouts Session 289: RS187
Outlaws in the Empire of Scrounge Session 39: RS36
Overcoming Risk for Delinquency: Recovery From the Life-Course-Persistent Trajectory at 14 Years Session 100: RS76
Overview of a Multidisciplinary Intervention: The Big Picture Session 238: RS157
Overview of and Update on the National Evaluation of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Session 462: RS278
An Overview of Protection Order Statutes Across the Nation Session 8: RS5
Overview of the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System All Injury Program Session 96: RS72

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