The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
A National Mailout Survey of State Level Laws and Policies Regarding Incarcerated Fathers Payment of Child Support Obligations Session 441: RS274
The National Race and Justice Campaign Session 397: RS241
A National Survey of Police Policies and Practices Regarding the Criminal Investigation Proce3ss: Twenty-Five Years After RAND {Poster Location 24} Session 358: PS1
Native American Offenders Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 175: RS123
The Nature of Police Work Session 217: PP44
Neighborhood Culture, Crime and the Police: Understanding the Importance of Neighborhood Culture on Pllicing Session 133: RS98
Neighborhood Disadvantage, Self-Control and Socialization: A Test of a Multi-Level Theoretical Model Session 446: PP101
Neighborhood Fathers: Social Control., Solidarity and Civic Responsibility in the Moroccan Community in Amsterdam Session 578: RS366
Neighborhood Institutions and their Effects on Collective Efficacy Session 249: RS168
Neighborhood Watch After the Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake Session 498: RS302
Neighborhood, Drug Lifestyle, and Maternal Social-Familial Setting Influences on Children's Risk for Poor School Performance and Children's Trauma Symptoms Session 151: PP40
Neighborhood-Level Influences on Girls' and Boys' Individual Offending Session 69: RS55
The Nejghborhood and Family Contexts of Adolescent Violence and Depression Session 69: RS55
The Neuropsychology of Violence Revisited Session 61: PP10
New Book Introduction: Repair or Revenge: Victims and Restorative Justice Session 512: RS316
New Directions in Funding Local Initiatives Session 561: RS349
New Directions in Repeat Victimization Research Session 49: RS46
The New Face of Parole: The Dayton Street Wellness Project Session 579: RS367
A New Gateway to Treatment: The Criminal Justice System and Drug Treatment Referrals 1992-1999 {Poster Location 36} Session 358: PS1
New Measures for Assessing Perceptions of Justice System Involvement Session 516: PP121
New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Second District: Domestic Violence Pilot Intervention Project Session 514: RS318
The New Penology: How Court Sentencing Practices Have Been Influenced by the Growing Emphasis of Actuarial Factors Over Individual Characteristics Session 408: RS252
The New York State Police School Resource Officer (SRO) Program Session 180: RS128
News Media and Popular Cultural Representations of the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders in England and Wales Session 313: TC33
Newspaper Reporting on Trial: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Two Murder Cases Session 377: RS222
NISMART 2 - Survey Design and Key Findings From Youth and Adult Perspectives Session 496: RS300
No Need to Cuise the Streets Anymore, Just Surf the Cyber Highway: Examining the Availability of Prostitution Online Session 393: RS238
Nodal Governance, Democracy and the New 'Denizens': Challenging the Westphalian Ideal Session 334: PP75
Non-Economic Institutions and Age-Stratified Homicide Offending: The Differential Effects of Secular and Religious Institutions on Adult and Juvenile Homicide Session 237: RS156
The Nonlinear Effects of Parental and Teacher Attachment on Delinquency: Disentangling Strain From Social Control Explanations Session 295: PP63
"Normal" Beginnings: John Hinckley and Timothy McVeigh Session 62: PP11
Normative Embeddedness and Ambivalence in Generational Social Change: Social Capital and Urban Youth in Transition Session 576: RS364
Not All Fun in the Sun: An Analysis of Homicide in Florida Session 566: RS354
The Not-For-Profit Prison Session 287: RS185
The Number of Times an Average Person is Victimized by Violent Crimes: A Lifetime Perspective Session 438: RS271
NYPD and Problem-Oriented Policing Session 21: RS18

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