The 2002 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 12, to Saturday, November 16

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
The Magic of Personal Encounters of Selves: Dalogicality in Norwegian Conflict Councils Session 98: RS74
Making Good: How Ex-Convicts Reform and Rebuild Their Lives (Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing) Session 10: RS7
Making Sense of 'Senseless' Violence. Analyzing Offender Accounts Session 575: RS363
Making Some Noise: Degradation as Tension Reduction for the Criminal Court Punishment of Adolescents in New York Session 321: RS196
Making the Connection: Linking Students' Perceptual Measures of School Climate to Academic Performance Session 404: RS248
Maltreatment, Revictimization, and Outcomes for Young Adult Women in the Rochester Youth Development Study Session 169: RS117
Managing a County's Jail Population: Part II Session 608: RS394
Managing Mentally Ill Offenders in the Community With Sort-Term Intervention Session 405: RS249
Mapping Intimate Assault Session 447: PP102
The Marginality of Gang and Non-Gang Members Session 73: RS59
Marijuana as Currency: The Creation of Drug Equivalency Measures in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 350: TC39
Marital Conflict and Violence: A Taxonomy of Sources of Conflict and Predictors of Violence Session 199: RS137
Marital Failure and the Aggravation of Criminal Behavior Session 440: RS273
The Marriage License as a Controlling License?: Controlling Behavior Within Marriage as a Particular Risk for Violence Session 290: RS188
Masculinities Without Men? On Girls, Gender, and Violence Session 125: RS90
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as Applied to the Japanese Yakuza {Poster Location 22} Session 358: PS1
Mass Imprisonment and Mass Disenfranchisement Session 94: RS70
Mass Legal Executions in the United States, 17th-20th Centuries: An Exploratory Study Session 525: PP130
Matching Services to Risk: One Size Doesn't Fit All Session 238: RS157
Maternal Characteristics, Self-Control, and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Session 18: RS15
The Meaning of Discretion in the Criminal Justice Sciences: A Conceptual Examination in the Case of Police Research and Theory Session 500: RS304
Measures of Learning and Crime: Theoretical and Empirical Links Session 109: RS85
Measuring child Maltreatment Using the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System All Injury Program, United States, 2000-01 Session 96: RS72
Measuring Criminal History in a Guideline System: When "None" Is "Some" Session 148: PP37
Measuring Delinquency in the Context of the Swiss Heroin Prescription Programs Session 236: RS155
Measuring Psychological Stress in Crime Victims {Poster Location 78} Session 358: PS1
Measuring Self Control and Perceived Opportunity in a Controlled Experimental Setting Session 18: RS15
Measuring Self-Control in Children: A Three-Wave Study Session 181: RS129
Measuring Sentencing Disparity: A Significance Test Session 545: RS334
Measuring the Dosage of Community Policing at the Agency Level Session 346: PP87
Measuring the Relationship of Residential Segregation and Robbery Session 41: RS38
The Mechanics of Hawala {Poster Location 71} Session 358: PS1
Media Coverage of the Timothy Thomas Shooting, the Cincinnati Riots, and Implications for Law Enforcement Session 224: PP51
Media Depiction of the Attach on America on September 11, 2001 Session 353: TC42
Media Representations and Alternative Explanations of the LAPD's Rampart Scandal Session 82: RS68
Mediation vs. Litigation: An Extensive Review of an Alternate Resolution to Child Custody Disputes {Poster Location 44} Session 358: PS1
Memorializing 9-11: Responses From the Street Session 164: RS112
Men Killing Men: What's Honor Got To Do With It? Session 535: RS324
Men's and Women's Alcohol Use, Mediating Factors, and Violence in Intimate Relationships Session 290: RS188
Mental Health Among Rural and Urban Drug-Involved Offenders {Poster Location 21} Session 358: PS1
Mental Health and the Juvenile Justice System: Exploring the Extent of the Problem Session 418: PP92
Mentoring Girls in Juvenile Facilties: Connecting College Students With Incarcerated Girls Session 322: RS197
Mentoring Graduate Students for Success Session 227: TC11
A Meta-Analysis of the Use of Force in Policing Session 468: RS284
Methamphetamine Use and Violence Session 503: RS307
Methodological Issues in Longitudinal Research Designs: An Assessment of the National Youth Survey's Delinquency Measures and the Age-Crime Curve Session 251: RS170
Methodological Problems in Conducting a Longitudinal Self-Report Telephone Survey of Juvenile Justice Youth Session 222: PP49
The Michigan Juvenile Intervention Initiative: Assessing Program Outcomes Session 259: PP55
Middle Market Drug Distribution: A Study of Serious Crime Networks Session 205: RS143
Midnight Basketball and the 1994 Crime Bill Debates: Racial Codes and Symbolic Politics in Contemporary U.S. Culture Session 55: PP4
Migrations, Imprisonment and Crime in Italy, 1863-1998 Session 511: RS315
A Mind's Eye on Mental States Session 544: RS333
Minimizing Errors of Justice: The Role of the Police Session 597: RS383
Minority Attitudes Toward the Police: Results of a National Survey Session 318: RS193
Minority Trust and Confidence in the Police: Findings From a Study of New Yorkers Session 318: RS193
Missing Children--New Federal Report. Who are the Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children Session 359: RS209
Missing Guns: Evaluating the Canada Firearms Centre's Estimates Session 425: RS258
Mobile Phone Robbery: A Growing Menace Session 232: TC16
A Model for Crime Seasonality Within Cities Using Land Use and Demographic Variables Session 256: RS175
A Model of War Crimes Perpetrated During the Bosnian Conflict Session 332: RS207
Model-Based Estimation of Offending and Co-Offending Using the Criminal Participation Matrix Session 182: RS130
Modeling a Structural Pattern of Delinquency and Firearms Ownership and Carrying Session 300: PP68
Modeling Limited Judicial Discretion Session 223: PP50
Modeling Sentence Length Decisions Under a Guidelines System: An Application of Quantile Regression Models Session 445: PP100
Modeling Spatial Dimensions of Pre-Trial Jury Selection Bias Session 146: PP35
Modeling the Main and Interactive Effects of Gender and Race/Ethnicity on the Case Processing of Criminal Defendants in Large Urban Courts Session 120: PP28
Modelling College Students' Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Rape Complaints Session 580: RS368
Models of Corporate Prosecution and Organizational Culpability {Poster Location 54} Session 358: PS1
Money Laundering Cases in Federal Court 1990--2002 Session 543: RS332
Moral Communities and the Impact of Individual Religiosity on White Collar Crime Session 48: RS45
Moral Emotions and Moral Reasoning in an Inmate Population: Preliminary Results from the GMU Recidivism Study Session 99: RS75
Moral Justice: The Issue of Jury Nullification Session 124: RS89
More Bobbies on the Global Beat?" Transnational Policing and Local Police Accountability Session 381: RS226
More of Less(ig)! Virtual Utopias and Dystopic Networks Session 428: RS261
'More Oppressed Than Thou' Comparing Injustices: Ranking the Severities of International Crime Session 521: PP126
More Punishment for the Buck: Arizona's Fiscal Politics and the Making of a Contemporary Penal Regime Session 321: RS196
Moroccan Street Youth: Gangs or Victims of Assimilation? Session 57: PP6
Most Fall But Not All: Changes in Physical Aggression From Childhood Through Adolescence Session 61: PP10
Motivation or Opportunity: Which Serves as the Best Mediator in General Theory of Crime? Session 108: RS84
Motivational Influences on Early Engagement and Treatment Satisfaction in Drug Court Session 532: RS321
The Motivations of Defense Attorneys for the Indigent: Findings, Conclusions and Implications From interviews in Three Sites Session 46: RS43
Motorcycle Theft and Helmet Law Enforcement in Taiwan Session 78: RS64
The Mouse Who Would Take Over the World! The Disneyization of American Criminal Justice Session 387: RS232
Moving Beyond Census Boundaries With Geographic Information Systems Session 488: PP117
Moving Beyond Correlational Penology: Conducting Qualitative Research Amongst Prison Inmates and Staff Session 439: RS272
MST -- A Fit for Child Delinquents? Session 35: RS32
Multi-Agency Collaborations and Youth Homicide: The Origins and Potential Effectiveness of Gang Task Forces Session 55: PP4
A Multi-Level Analysis of Prosecutorial Discretion: The Dismissa of Criminal Homicide Cases Session 46: RS43
A Multi-Level Assessment of Students' Feelings of Safety: Modeling Differential Effects of Neighborhood and School Social Organization Session 136: RS101
Multi-Level Comprehensive Community Justice Partnerships: Understanding Partnership Dimensions Session 534: RS323
Multijurisdictional Collaboration -- Unnatural Acts Between Non-Consenting Adults Session 35: RS32
Multiple Identities and the Effect of Social Stability on Time Until Rearret Session 399: RS243
Multiple-Methods and Practical Research: The Value of Using Both Quantitative and Qualitative Data to Assess a Cognitive Based Program Session 476: RS292
Murder in America: A History Session 412: RS256
Murder One: An Exploratory Analysis of Case Clearance and Official Charges in Homicide Events Session 566: RS354
'My Heart Attack in Prison': Penal Harm, Bureaucracy, and a Narrative of Personal Crisis Session 326: RS201
Myth of Mitigation: Jurors' Failure to Apply the Law in Capital Cases Session 582: RS370
The Myth of Mitigation: Jurors' Failure to Understand the Law in Capital Cases Session 582: RS370

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